base class for conversion of formatted survey files into array of alignment objects
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / HMPID / AliHMPIDQADataMakerRec.cxx
2008-09-04 amastrosexpert mode inserted
2008-07-25 hristovReset rawReader in MakeRaws (Yves)
2008-06-10 dibariQA local OCDB
2008-05-21 dibariWarnings potentially serious in compilation fixed.
2008-05-20 dibariWarnings potentially serious in compilation fixed.
2008-05-16 dibariOptimization of TClonesArray (FCA)
2008-05-16 dibariNew histos for AMORE
2008-04-18 dibariQA histograms added according to suggestions. DDL histo...
2008-04-17 dibariHV sector finder optimized + QA histograms added
2008-03-19 hristovChanges needed by the following commit: coding conventi...
2008-03-13 dibariCoding conventions fixed.
2008-03-04 dibariCoding violations fixed (first bunch!)
2008-02-07 dibariBetter error monitoring. Pedestal structure updated...
2008-02-01 dibariBug now is fixed.
2008-01-31 dibariUpdated QA
2007-12-18 hristovSplitting of the QA maker into simulation and reconstru...