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[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / HMPID / HESDfromKin.C
2009-10-19 gvolpePrivate inizialization of magnetic field elimitated...
2009-10-15 fcachanges in the MagF constructor
2009-03-19 dibariBug in magnetic field solved.
2009-02-12 dibariCompatibility with new changes in magnetic field methods.
2008-10-31 dibariminor
2008-10-08 dibariminors
2008-09-18 dibariStill optimizing HTA
2008-09-17 dibariminors.
2008-09-17 dibariAlgorithm to find phi of the ring improved.
2008-09-15 dibariHTA revisited algorithm.
2008-04-11 dibariminors
2008-04-10 dibariPid optimized with new strategy + minors
2008-03-31 dibariOptimization of the reconstruction code.
2007-11-06 dibariAdapted to new HTA class. When HTA is selected, a new...
2007-10-17 dibariTake into account the Qthre from OCDB + minors
2007-07-12 dibariChange from AliESD to AliESDEvent (L. Molnar)
2007-06-22 dibariChanges according to new ESD structure, as well as...
2007-05-21 dibariHESDfromKin adapted for HTA+minors
2007-05-21 dibariFixed bugs in HTA
2007-05-08 dibariMinors
2007-05-08 dibariUtility macro to fill ESD from kinematics.