New version of the HMPID DA without the usage of trees (Levente)
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / HMPID / Hconfig.C
2007-09-14 dibari- new class AliHMPIDCalib added for pedestal calculation
2007-08-22 dibariTVirtualFitter in Cluster finding + derivatives analiti...
2007-06-22 dibariChanges according to new ESD structure, as well as...
2007-05-10 kirminor
2007-05-08 dibariHTA (Hidden track algorithm) improved+minors
2007-05-06 kiroption to put flat ref idx
2007-04-23 kirHMPID v2 instead of TIC option
2007-04-18 dibarigAlice dependence removed!
2007-04-13 dibariBetter selection between menus
2007-03-13 dibariLegend in the display corrected
2007-03-12 dibariminors
2007-03-12 dibariFlag for feedback photons+minors
2007-02-20 dibariRenamed from RichConfig.C