Updated to display cosmic runs (L. Molnar)
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / HMPID / Hdisp.C
2007-04-02 dibariUpdated to display cosmic runs (L. Molnar)
2007-03-30 dibariRight Local Reference System in theta Cerenkov reconstr...
2007-03-27 dibariPattern recognition reorganized (for display,monitoring...)
2007-03-15 dibariTheta Cerenkov fixed + minors
2007-03-15 dibariminors
2007-03-13 dibariLegend in the display corrected
2007-03-12 dibariDisplay boxes for pads in display
2007-03-12 dibariFlag for feedback photons+minors
2007-03-11 dibariNow rings back again...
2007-03-11 dibariBug in Hit2Sdig fixed+minors
2007-03-11 kiradd legend to display + printing facilities
2007-03-06 dibariunzoom set in display
2007-03-06 kirzoom in dsiplay
2007-03-02 kirHelix indeed removed from repository
2007-02-20 dibariCluster finding improved.
2006-12-15 kirinitial import