Error messages stored in the global raw-reader error log (Cvetan, Chiara)
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / HMPID /
2007-05-16 kira bit cleaner code
2007-05-16 kirnow without galice.root
2007-05-16 kirHgeom is no longer neede as functionality in v2
2007-05-16 kirPad size less then cell size + ideal geom in v2
2007-05-15 cvetanMoving the alignment-related static methods from AliAli...
2007-05-15 hristovRemoved call to DefineOpticalProperties from CreateMate...
2007-05-10 kirminor
2007-05-09 dibariProtections
2007-05-09 dibariminors
2007-05-09 dibariImprovement in HTA
2007-05-08 kirbug in Preprocessor fixed: PadPcX->PadChX
2007-05-08 dibariMinors
2007-05-08 dibariHTA (Hidden track algorithm) improved+minors
2007-05-08 kirpreprocessor: pedestal files treatment
2007-05-08 kirupgraded calibration
2007-05-08 dibariJust improvement of display.
2007-05-08 kirassert also in raw->digit
2007-05-08 dibariUtility macro to fill ESD from kinematics.
2007-05-08 dibariSorry Peter...a compatibility with old version left...
2007-05-06 dibariAlgorithm to reconstruct rings without tracking infos...
2007-05-06 kiroption to put flat ref idx
2007-05-05 dibariPedestals in OCDB + minors
2007-05-04 dibariminors
2007-05-03 dibariRenamed from AliHMPIDQA.cxx
2007-05-03 dibariRenamed to AliHMPIDQaEsd
2007-05-03 dibariMinors
2007-05-02 kirnew histos
2007-05-02 kirinitial QA tasks from AliAnalisys
2007-05-02 kirLORS-> TGeoRS for v2 geometry
2007-04-27 kirAliHMPID moved from base to sim library
2007-04-27 kirANALYSIS lib is added
2007-04-27 dibariLess include files...
2007-04-26 dibariCoding conventions
2007-04-26 dibariCoding conventions.
2007-04-24 kirFrame 1 is added (A.Mastroserio)
2007-04-24 dibariMinors
2007-04-23 kirGeom test facility in v2
2007-04-23 kirv2 is included in compilation
2007-04-23 kirHgeom.C goes as v2 (to be renamed v1 later on)
2007-04-23 kirHMPID v2 instead of TIC option
2007-04-23 dibariRule checker in private Hmake
2007-04-23 dibariCoding convention
2007-04-20 dibariCoding violations
2007-04-20 hristovAdditional protection
2007-04-19 hristovDefault run number from CDB. Using directly the cluster...
2007-04-19 dibariBug in return code (L. Molnar)
2007-04-18 dibarigAlice dependence removed!
2007-04-18 dibariProtection in Physical node
2007-04-17 kirNew geometry proto with actual divisions (checked by...
2007-04-17 dibariCoding conventions
2007-04-17 dibariBug in Alignble entry fixed
2007-04-13 dibariAccording to Raffaele and Cvetan suggestion.
2007-04-13 dibariBetter selection between menus
2007-04-05 dibariIn agreement with instructions of mail
2007-04-03 dibariCoding Conventions (mail Fed Carm. Date: Fri, 30 Mar...
2007-04-02 dibariMagnetic field properly set in display.
2007-04-02 dibariRight LRS for photon cerenkov angle reconstruction
2007-04-02 dibariError in phi in Mars2Lors
2007-04-02 dibariCompatibility to the definition of Raw() (L. Molnar)
2007-04-02 dibariUpdated to display cosmic runs (L. Molnar)
2007-03-30 dibariRight Local Reference System in theta Cerenkov reconstr...
2007-03-28 dibariPads with zero charge not allowed
2007-03-27 dibariPattern recognition reorganized (for display,monitoring...)
2007-03-23 cvetanBug fix affecting the size of the raw-data stored in...
2007-03-23 dibariBug solved (suggested by A.Morsch)
2007-03-22 morschaQeAll correctly initialized
2007-03-15 dibariTheta Cerenkov fixed + minors
2007-03-15 kirAdaptation to new ROOT
2007-03-15 dibariminors
2007-03-14 dibariMore histos
2007-03-13 dibariLegend in the display corrected
2007-03-12 dibariDisplay boxes for pads in display
2007-03-12 dibariminors
2007-03-12 dibariFlag for feedback photons+minors
2007-03-11 dibariNow rings back again...
2007-03-11 dibariInitial commit of new style QA
2007-03-11 dibariBug in Hit2Sdig fixed+minors
2007-03-11 kirnew Draw with gradations in color
2007-03-11 dibariMimization improved
2007-03-11 kiradd legend to display + printing facilities
2007-03-11 dibarino print
2007-03-11 dibariCluster fitting improved
2007-03-10 dibariBug on limits on the photocatodes+minors
2007-03-10 kirOld OCDB entries removed
2007-03-07 kirbug for Qthre fixed
2007-03-07 kirCalib data usage reactivated for Nmean, thres is still...
2007-03-07 kirdetails on clibration
2007-03-07 dibariminors
2007-03-06 dibariunzoom set in display
2007-03-06 kirzoom in dsiplay
2007-03-02 kirHelix indeed removed from repository
2007-02-28 kirarea of Mathieson parametrized; hit ctor change eloss...
2007-02-26 dibariMinor changes
2007-02-26 dibariCluster improvements + drawing of digits like TBox.
2007-02-23 dibariMinor protection
2007-02-23 dibariMinor improvements
2007-02-23 dibariHits added for drawing
2007-02-23 dibariMinor changes
2007-02-23 kirnew 2d event display + optical properties restored...
2007-02-21 kirPrivate make file now works without root in path