add un-use functionality to clusters
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / HMPID /
2009-05-12 hristovMake sure that the histogram has at least 3 bins with...
2009-05-12 hristovReduced QA output (Yves)
2009-05-11 dibariminor
2009-05-08 hristovMake and print an image of QA user flagged histograms...
2009-05-07 hristovFixes for bug #49914: Compilation breaks in trunk,...
2009-03-19 dibariEvaluation of xRa and yRa to draw rings done.
2009-03-19 dibariBug in magnetic field solved.
2009-02-23 cvetanUpdate for new AliQAManager (Yves)
2009-02-18 fcaA modification was recently introduced in ANALYSIS...
2009-02-12 dibariMinor.
2009-02-12 dibariCompatibility with new changes in magnetic field methods.
2009-02-09 hristovExtacting the OCDB in a separate module. The detectors...
2009-02-02 fcaWhen calculating a*a-b*b the form (a-b)*(a+b) is usuall...
2009-02-01 fcaThe present commit corresponds to an important change...
2009-01-21 dibariMinor
2009-01-20 dibariComment...uncomment...
2009-01-20 dibariMinors.
2009-01-20 dibariUpdated for a better tracking.
2009-01-20 dibariPrint override: changed fot TObjArray in root v5-22...
2009-01-14 dibariProblem with fake shifts solved.
2008-12-27 hristovIntroducing event specie in QA (Yves)
2008-12-21 fcatypo
2008-12-17 fcaRemoval of AliMCQA and of TreeH method on AliDetector
2008-12-16 fcaSeveral changes:
2008-11-14 hristovTemporary fix to avoid the interference with previous...
2008-11-13 dibariNew Lors2MarsVect function corrected.
2008-11-12 fcaCorrect character constantness
2008-11-12 hristovFix mismatched new/delete
2008-11-10 dibariCorrections suggested by FC to avoid warnings
2008-11-07 dibariminor
2008-11-07 dibariminor
2008-11-02 fcaFixing shadowed variable
2008-10-31 dibariminor
2008-10-31 dibariImprovement of the HTA algorithm. A better estimate...
2008-10-28 amastrosGetTrackPoint modified for the HMPID track point in...
2008-10-27 dibariDatabase as TH2F removed + minors.
2008-10-24 amastrosupdates (Y. Schutz)
2008-10-24 amastrosupdates (Y. Schutz)
2008-10-23 dibariWarning corrections (from FC)
2008-10-22 amastrosstatic TH initialized in InitDatabase.
2008-10-21 hristovGet in sync with the base class
2008-10-20 dibariWarning corrections (from FC)
2008-10-14 fcaUpdating CMake files
2008-10-08 dibariminors
2008-09-30 dibariProtection to avoid an infinite loop on the track ...
2008-09-25 amastrosAdded protection for ROOT TH1
2008-09-22 amastroscode revisited (DCS transparency data points)
2008-09-22 amastrosDCS transparency data points correctly loaded
2008-09-18 dibariStill optimizing HTA
2008-09-17 dibariminors.
2008-09-17 dibariAlgorithm to find phi of the ring improved.
2008-09-15 dibariHTA revisited algorithm.
2008-09-09 dibariAll Data Points protected in case no DP is present!
2008-09-09 dibariA protection if no Data Point is present
2008-09-09 hristovRestored commit 28399:Corrections for tracks which...
2008-09-08 hristovRemoving wrong cast that affected the setting of outer...
2008-09-05 dibariminor
2008-09-05 dibariCompatibility with new mapping to write raw data.
2008-09-05 dibariJust set some variables properly.
2008-09-05 dibariBug fixed. Now Chamber properly evaluated.
2008-09-04 dibariMip-track matching improved. Now Last point of HMPID...
2008-09-04 amastrosdemo task for HMPID analysis
2008-09-04 amastrosexpert mode inserted
2008-09-04 amastrosNew mapping
2008-09-03 dibariAliError and AliWarning properly set.
2008-09-02 amastrosChanges according to the base class
2008-09-02 amastrosAliFatal -> AliError
2008-09-02 amastrosAliFatal -> AliError
2008-09-02 amastrosCorrections for tracks which do not pass through the...
2008-09-02 amastrosCorrections for tracks which do not pass through the...
2008-08-31 amastrosProblem in FindTemp fixed
2008-08-23 fcaACORDEv1 is now the default
2008-08-21 dibariValidity for the run range is ok.
2008-08-19 dibariCode revisited after debugging. Optimization for functi...
2008-08-19 dibariCode revisited after debugging. Optimization for functi...
2008-08-19 dibariCode revisited after debugging. Optimization for functi...
2008-08-19 dibariCode revisited after debugging. Optimization for functi...
2008-08-19 dibariminors
2008-08-19 dibariminors
2008-08-19 dibariMIP cluster size added (compacted word) and infos re...
2008-08-06 dibariMinors
2008-08-06 dibariAlifatal removed in GetWord. Put AliWarning (+AddMajorE...
2008-08-06 dibariMinors
2008-08-05 dibariProtection on the possibility to have just one data...
2008-08-01 dibariMinimum number of entries in Checker
2008-08-01 dibariMinors
2008-08-01 dibariClass for HMPID track inherited from AliKalmanTrack
2008-08-01 dibariClass for HMPID track inherited from AliKalmanTrack
2008-07-31 fcaPreliminary files for CMake
2008-07-31 dibariCluster 3D again active for geometry
2008-07-30 dibariFunction SigmaCut and Trigger introduced (with their...
2008-07-25 dibariBetter estimate of production point
2008-07-25 hristovReset rawReader in MakeRaws (Yves)
2008-07-22 hristovBug fix (Raffaele)
2008-07-14 dibariProtection against no valid abs pad number
2008-07-04 hristovRemoving the assign operator (Yves)
2008-06-20 dibariJust clean-up
2008-06-16 dibariOverlaps corrected
2008-06-13 cvetanUrgent fixes by Levente
2008-06-12 dibariJust something left from clean