New default values for baselines (F.Prino)
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / ITS / AliITSOnlineSDDTP.cxx
2008-07-25 maseraNew default values for baselines (F.Prino)
2008-02-29 maseraSDD DA updated: baseline equalized to 20 for each hybri...
2008-01-22 maseraDDL module map for SDD in the OCDB (F. Prino)
2007-12-12 maseraModified ASCII output to equalize baselines
2007-06-29 maseraSDD DA: possibility of excluding first and last time bin
2007-06-18 maseraNew DA for Test Pulse Runs - Code cleanup
2007-06-14 maseraAdded SDD DA (ITSSDDBASda.cxx). Possibility of writing...
2007-06-03 maseraChanges to obey coding conventions
2007-06-01 maseraNew class for common mode noise correction
2007-05-23 cvetanFirst version of the SDD DA calibration classes. AliITS...