minor fix
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / ITS / AliITSPid.h
2006-10-13 maserachanges to cope with effC++
2006-01-23 hristovUsing the recommended way of forward declarations for...
2005-07-06 hristovSplitting of the ITS libraries (M.Masera & E.Crescio)
2005-05-13 maseraChanges done in order to remove compilation warnings
2004-05-25 maseradependences on TPC eliminated
2003-11-14 maseraCoding conventions
2003-11-05 maseraChanges to obey our coding conventions
2003-05-18 masera(Version number)++
2003-05-16 maseraNew PID classes and macros for Dubna group - PID weight...
2002-07-24 barberaUpdated PID code compatible with the HEAD (from B....
2002-01-29 barberaUpdated version of the PID code (from B. Batyunya)
2002-01-08 barberaPart of new PID code from Boris Batyunya