Fix for the case of non-existent calibration files
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / ITS / AliITSTPArrayFit.cxx
2014-07-29 hristovFixes for invalid write, detected by valgrind
2014-06-20 maseraCoverity fixes
2011-03-06 maseraFixes for coding conventions and coverity. Removed...
2011-02-07 prinoFix compilation warning
2010-09-21 masera1) corrections for Coverity reports
2010-04-20 maseraMajor updates for millipede2 and related classes (Ruben)
2010-02-12 maseraFixing compilation warnings
2010-01-21 maseraFixes to obey coding conventions
2009-12-17 maseraBug fixes in the fitter. Possibility of different point...
2009-11-30 maseraAdded protection against degenerate covariance matrix...
2009-11-25 maseraUpdates to MillePede2 + MillePede2 fitter (Ruben)
2009-11-21 maseraNew fitter for millipede2 + updates to AliITSAlignMille...