Still fixing AliITSsimulationSSD.h for missing AliITSTableSSD's.
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / ITS / AliITSsimulationSSD.h
2002-03-09 nilsenStill fixing AliITSsimulationSSD.h for missing AliITSTa...
2002-03-09 nilsenfixxed def. of GetList.
2001-10-04 nilsenMajor changes in supppor of PreDigits (SDigits). Change...
2001-09-28 hristovSome forward declarations removed to calm the Sun compiler
2001-08-24 nilsenAdded some comments, fixed up some coding violations...
2001-04-23 hristovvariable renamed to avoid name redefinition
2001-04-21 barberaUpdated with the new SSD reconstruction code
2001-02-10 marianaBug fixing in the HitToDigit function
2000-07-10 fcaRelease version of ITS code
2000-06-14 barberaProblems with the HP compiler fixed
2000-06-12 nilsenNew ITS code for new structure and simulations.