Adding the AliAnalysisGUI class which is the main class that controls the GUI.
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / ITS / AliITStrackerSA.h
2006-10-19 maserachanges to be compliant with Eff C++ rules
2006-03-03 maseramerging RecPoints and ClustersV2. All ClusterFinders...
2006-02-08 maseraTracking SA. Bug fix and spped impovements (E. Crescio)
2005-07-06 hristovSplitting of the ITS libraries (M.Masera & E.Crescio)
2004-07-21 hristovNew version of the ITS tracking, presented by M.Ivanov...
2004-05-24 maseraspeed optimization
2004-04-16 maseraBug fix + change in the way adopted to mark used clusters
2004-03-24 maseraCode clean-up in order to improve its speed and memory...
2004-02-19 hristovPrimary vertex reconstruction and standalone ITS tracki...
2004-02-17 hristovMoving ALiITSVertex to AliESDVertex
2004-02-17 maseraSA tracking adapted to ESD
2004-02-04 hristovRemoving warnings (Sun)
2003-12-04 maseraAnother Standalone ITS tracker (E. Crescio)