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New geometry: SDD, cables and update on V11 (L. Gaudichet)
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2004-11-09 maseraNew geometry: SDD, cables and update on V11 (L. Gaudichet)
2004-07-30 nilsenUpdate of all the additions to the new ITS geometry...
2004-05-28 nilsenUpdated ITS version 11 geometry. Requires ROOT version...
2004-05-03 maseraCoding conventions + removal of redundant methods
2004-04-15 nilsenBug fixes in ITS geometry version 11, and update of...
2004-04-14 nilsenDefined kcm, change due to removing violations.
2004-03-26 nilsenNew organization of v11 geometry
2004-01-28 nilsenGeometry update.
2003-10-23 nilsenAdded some more services and updated display
2003-10-19 nilsenUpdated geometries, bug fixes in SSD cone.
2003-10-16 nilsenSPD Thermal sheald almost done.
2003-10-14 nilsenAdding more volumes.
2003-09-03 nilsenSome bug fixs and better displays.
2003-08-28 nilsenA start of the New ITS Geometry using the new Geometric...
2003-07-14 hristovLog replaced by Id
2003-07-13 hristovTransition to NewIO
2003-03-25 nilsenITS new Geometry files. Not yet ready for uses, committ...
2003-02-10 nilsenNew version and structure of ITS V11 geometry. Work...
2003-02-01 nilsenWork continues.
2003-01-29 nilsenUpdate today's work.
2003-01-28 nilsenWork continuing.
2003-01-26 nilsenSome more geometry interface functions added and a...
2003-01-20 nilsenNew ITS geometry. Only a Skeleton for now.