Strings compared instead of pointers
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / ITS / AliITSvtest.cxx
2001-05-30 hristovStrings compared instead of pointers
2001-05-30 hristovDynamic cast replaced (F.Carminati)
2001-02-13 nilsenFixed a but when trying to use GEANT4. Needed to replace
2001-02-09 nilsenFixed bug in distructor. Can't distroy fixxed length...
2001-02-09 nilsenAdded fMajor/MinorVersion variables and made other...
2001-01-30 hristovStreamers removed (R.Brun)
2001-01-18 barberaITS geometry using test Euclid files
2000-08-29 nilsenThese classes are not quite ready for distribution...
2000-07-10 fcaRelease version of ITS code