Reduced QA output (Yves)
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / ITS / CMake_libITSrec.txt
2009-05-11 maseraInterface to AliMillePede2 for ITS alignment + related...
2009-04-15 maseraNew AliITSV0Finder class (A. Dainese)
2009-03-17 maseraChanges to obey to the coding conventions (M. Lunardon)
2009-03-04 maseraRemoval of no longer maintained neural trackers
2009-02-25 maseraPackage for the SPD FO-uniformity-scan DA.
2009-02-11 maseraMillepede implementation operating with AliMillePede2...
2009-01-07 maseraRemoved GNU gcc extensions in AliITSSortTrkl
2009-01-07 maseraclasses AliITSSortTrkl and AliITSTracklPairs temporaril...
2009-01-07 maseraNew classes for finding multiple vertices (in case...
2008-11-14 maseraRemoved obsolete raw cluster classes
2008-11-05 maseraRemoved obsolete and no longer maintained cluster finders
2008-10-14 fcaUpdating CMake files
2008-07-31 fcaPreliminary files for CMake