TPC and CONTAINERS included in the search path
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / ITS / Makefile
2001-05-30 hristovTPC and CONTAINERS included in the search path
2001-03-27 barberaModified to take into account vertex finder class
2001-03-13 hristovFirst commit of ITS tracking version 2 (Yu.Belikov)
2001-03-02 barberamodified to take into account new tracking v1
2001-02-09 nilsenChanges needed to the changes in AliITSgeom classes.
2001-02-03 nilsenNew version of AliITSgeom and related files. Now uses...
2001-01-18 barberaModified to use vtest geometry
2001-01-15 barberaAdded modules of the new ITS detailed geometry to be...
2000-11-27 barberaNew version containing the files for tracking
2000-11-12 barberaAdded changes to include the SPD Bari model
2000-10-07 barberaModified to take into account version 5 with symm and...
2000-10-06 barberaModified to take into account the new coarse geometry
2000-08-29 nilsenCleaned and updated for this HEAD distribution.
2000-07-10 fcaRemoving spurious files
2000-07-10 fcaRelease version of ITS code
2000-06-27 fcaRe-correct Makefile for RuleChecker
2000-06-12 nilsenUpdate for the new ITS code.
2000-06-09 nilsenModified for new AliITSgeom code.
2000-05-17 fcaStreamlining of CodeAnalysis. .ii files are kept for...
1999-09-24 fcaNew version of ITS for the TDR
1999-07-30 fcaAdded the entry for the IRST code checking utility
1999-07-22 fcaCorrect problem with Make-depend due to the new locatio...
1999-07-05 fcaUse tgt_ prefix for binary target directories
1999-06-30 fcaPossibility to have different binaries in the same...
1999-06-09 fcaMake-depend automatically generated if not there.
1999-06-04 fcaRemoved version 4 in still in FORTRAN from the Makefile...
1999-05-18 fcaThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...