don't sort clusters after local reco, do this in AliITSUTrackerGlo
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / ITS / UPGRADE / AliITSUAux.h
2014-09-15 maseraLatest version of the CA tracker.
2014-03-27 shahoianImplementation of v1 geometry, interface to reco
2014-03-17 shahoianImplementation of v1 geometry, interface to reco
2014-03-07 shahoianReco Interface: changed sensor mapping in the layer...
2013-06-18 shahoian1) Added optional usage of lookup table for mat.budget...
2013-05-14 shahoian1) Fix in tracking condition pattern definition
2013-05-10 shahoianAdded shared cluster reduction.
2013-01-27 shahoianFix to previous commit
2013-01-27 shahoianBrought cluster id/layer encoding to agreement with...
2012-11-26 shahoianNew class for track validation conditions
2012-11-19 shahoianUpdates for tracker
2012-11-15 shahoianTracker update
2012-11-15 shahoianAdded global tracker and seed prototype classes.
2012-11-02 shahoianAdded classes for geometry - reconstruction interface...