Added to TrackerGlo possibility to fill control histos with residuals,pulls,chi2
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / ITS / UPGRADE / AliITSUGeomTGeo.cxx
2012-11-20 shahoianreconstruction updates
2012-11-15 shahoianFix in sensor matrix extraction (protection against...
2012-11-07 shahoianThe segmentations are made data member of the AliITSUGe...
2012-11-06 shahoianFix to T2L calculation
2012-11-06 shahoianTracking2Local matrix is not stored in the geometry...
2012-11-04 shahoianAdded macros to create misalignment and to apply it.
2012-10-16 shahoianGetDetTypeName digest both coarse and full det.type
2012-08-18 shahoianCache extensively used matrices
2012-08-18 shahoianfixes in simulation classes
2012-08-17 shahoianLot of update + directory with test setup
2012-08-17 shahoian1) Added classes for digitization