Integrating the Cooked Matrix tracker into the commom reconstruction framework
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / ITS / UPGRADE / AliITSUSeed.cxx
2014-03-05 belikovInitializing arrays
2013-05-10 shahoianAdded shared cluster reduction.
2013-04-29 shahoianshould have been committed with prev rev.62228
2013-04-09 shahoianTracking conditions may introduce limits on seed splitt...
2013-04-03 shahoianFix in filling the hit-map of ESDtrack
2013-04-03 shahoianAliITSUSeed::GetClusterIndex will return cl. index...
2013-01-28 shahoianRefitInward implemented
2013-01-22 shahoianmodification in pools
2013-01-11 shahoianMade Track Hypothesis container to derive from AliKalma...
2013-01-08 shahoianreco update: methods for smoothing, track hypotheses...
2012-12-17 shahoianAdded filling of data structures for Kalman smoothing
2012-12-14 shahoianCoverity fixes
2012-12-13 shahoianCoverity fix
2012-12-05 shahoianreco update
2012-11-27 shahoianreco update
2012-11-25 shahoianreco update
2012-11-22 shahoianFixes for reco
2012-11-19 shahoianUpdates for tracker
2012-11-15 shahoianTracker update
2012-11-15 shahoianAdded global tracker and seed prototype classes.