Added to TrackerGlo possibility to fill control histos with residuals,pulls,chi2
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / ITS / UPGRADE / readHit.C
2013-04-01 shahoianFix in the rolling shutter implementation: in general...
2012-11-27 shahoianreco update
2012-11-26 shahoianFix in cluster coordinates calculation
2012-10-25 shahoianclusterizer,reconstructor + many fixes (Magnus,Stefan)
2012-10-09 shahoianUpdated macros for new geometry
2011-06-16 amastrosBug fix in cluster labels (Stefan Rossegger).
2011-05-12 amastrosBug in number of layers.
2011-01-21 amastrosAdded in ITS upgrade -