- fixing warnings/coverity
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / ITS / UPGRADE /
2011-02-18 cterrevothe reconstruction now can be done setting up to 8...
2011-02-10 amastrosChanges to set the number of layers in trackerUpgrade...
2011-02-09 amastros- New class (AliITStrackerU) for combined tracking...
2011-02-07 amastros- Introduction of AliITSRecPointU. The cluster finder...
2011-02-03 cterrevoadding AliITStrackU for the upgrade tracker
2011-02-03 cterrevoadding include of TObject.h
2011-01-27 amastrosFast simulation tool for the ITS upgrade from S. Rossegger
2011-01-25 cterrevoadding CorrectForMaterial method and bug fix in assigni...
2011-01-21 cterrevoCorrecting Beryllium parameters in AliMedium
2011-01-21 amastrosFixes for a compilation warning and defects.
2011-01-21 amastrosBug fix in assignign clusters to the track
2011-01-21 amastrosfixing Coverity defects
2011-01-21 amastrosAdded in ITS upgrade -
2011-01-20 amastrostrack labels added
2011-01-18 amastrosAliDebug removal
2011-01-18 amastrosfix for memory leak and mods according to ITStrackerV2
2011-01-14 amastrosfixes for memory leaks and a bug in loading clusters
2011-01-07 hristovUsing EMCAL_COMPLETEV1 (Gustavo)
2010-12-20 amastrosfix for coding conventions
2010-12-20 cterrevomodification for compilation warnings
2010-12-17 amastrosMajor Changes to comply with the modifications in Alire...
2010-12-17 amastrosmods for volume names
2010-12-16 maseraConfig. C macro for ITS Upgrade simulation
2010-12-16 maseraRemoving iostream.h, which gives compilation error...
2010-12-15 maseraITS-upgrade simulation/reconstruction code (C. Terrevol...