It makes the addition in AOD of MC tracks associated to muons parametrizable from...
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / ITS /
2012-03-08 maseraBug fix
2012-03-06 maseraChanges to study the unused SPD clusters excess in...
2012-03-05 maseraVertexXY projection publication in amore db (A. Mastros...
2012-02-24 hristovCoverity 19578
2012-02-23 amastros- Coverity fixes
2012-02-22 fcaCoverity 19578
2012-02-18 maseraCoverity (Ruben)
2012-02-18 maseraCoverity
2012-02-18 maseraChanges concerning expert / non expert plots agreed...
2012-02-14 hristovMoving the copy constructors and assignment operators...
2012-02-01 hristovAliITSv11Hybrid is replaced by AliITSv11
2012-01-23 maseraElmination of overlaps detected with root v5-32 (Mario...
2012-01-23 fcaRemoving warnings
2012-01-22 maseraCode clean-up
2012-01-18 fcaFixing possible memory inflation
2012-01-17 maserasmaller value for fgPairsSize
2012-01-13 hristovReverting the full pools implementation
2012-01-13 fcadeclaring clusters as const prevents the [] operator...
2012-01-12 maseraSavannah bug 90349: full initialization of 2 local...
2012-01-11 hristovMoving PWG1 to PWGPP
2011-12-31 maseraCoverity (O. Borysov)
2011-12-27 prinoCoding conventions
2011-12-20 maseraCoding conventions
2011-12-19 prinoCoding conventions
2011-12-15 prinoReduced SDD cluster misalign errors
2011-12-14 maseraCoding conventions
2011-12-14 maseraCoding conventions
2011-12-13 maseraCoding conventions
2011-12-13 maseraRemoving the option to vary the density of the material...
2011-12-13 maseraEliminating overlaps with FMD (M.Sitta)
2011-12-13 maseraEliminating overlaps with FMD (M.Sitta)
2011-12-13 hristovComplete implementation of pools, see #88914. From...
2011-12-13 amastrosFixes for coding convention violations
2011-12-13 maseraBackward compatibility: old v11Hybrid geometries are...
2011-12-12 maseraRemoved references to AliITSv11Hybrid in AliITSInitGeometry
2011-12-12 prinoCoding conventions
2011-12-10 maseraCoding conventions
2011-12-09 maseraCoding conventions
2011-12-08 maseraCoding conventions (E. Fragiacomo)
2011-12-05 maseraRemoving obsolete AliITSv11Hybrid class
2011-12-01 prinoUpdates in graphics for MPV
2011-12-01 prinoFix
2011-11-30 prinoCoding conventions
2011-11-30 maseraCoding conventions
2011-11-30 maseraCoding conventions
2011-11-30 maseraPossibility of varying the density of the materials...
2011-11-29 maseraCoding Conventions (Ruban)
2011-11-26 maseraCoverity
2011-11-26 maseraCoverity
2011-11-26 maseraCompilation warnings
2011-11-26 maseraPossibility of switching on/off tracklets to tracks...
2011-11-23 maseraCoverity
2011-11-23 maseraUpdated limits and binning of the XY histogram for...
2011-11-23 maseraCoverity
2011-11-23 maseraCoverity - bug fix
2011-11-23 maseraCoverity
2011-11-23 maseraCoverity
2011-11-23 fcaFixing warning
2011-11-19 maseraCoverity
2011-11-19 maseraCoverity
2011-11-19 maseraCoverity - Removing obsolete classes AliITSHuffman...
2011-11-19 maseraAdded protection in CheckDeadZone
2011-11-16 amastroscoverity fix
2011-11-14 prinoFix
2011-11-14 maseraCoverity
2011-11-14 prinoPossibility to generate flat correction maps (to be...
2011-11-13 maseraCompilation warnings
2011-11-13 maseraCompilation warnings
2011-11-13 maseramacro to fetch the AliITSRecoPAram object from the...
2011-11-13 maseraPart of the Warning messages changed to AliDebug messages
2011-11-11 prinoSwicth on SDD maps in RecoParam for PbPb
2011-11-10 prinoFirst version of the macro for plotting SDD tarck to...
2011-11-08 prinoUpdate in macros to plot drfit speed calibrations from...
2011-11-07 prinoSDD preprocessor updated to use new procedure to recove...
2011-10-31 prinoAdded option to swap sides (Ruben)
2011-10-31 maseraChanges to allow the reconstruction of MUON+SPD
2011-10-28 maseraUpdate SPD Diamond DA (with configuration file - A...
2011-10-27 maseraNew binning for default histograms. Updated defaults...
2011-10-26 maseraData are not reset when method WriteVertices is called...
2011-10-24 prinoUpdates in SDD calibration macro: 1) better treatment...
2011-10-23 hristovRemoving the tasks from the digitization (Ruben)
2011-10-16 maseraAliITSVertexerZ: disable pileup search with PbPb (F...
2011-10-16 maseraNew algorithm for high multiplicity events (trace algor...
2011-10-12 maseraUpdate needed for the new ocdb SPDSparseDead (Annalisa)
2011-10-12 maseraChanged message for the DQM shifter - Reactivated check...
2011-10-11 maseraChange of module numbers for display purposes
2011-10-11 hristovCode clean-up (Massimo)
2011-10-06 fcaFixing typo (clang)
2011-10-06 maseraBug fix (G. Luparello)
2011-09-27 hristovFix for #85144: Memory leak in SPD DQM agent (Annalisa)
2011-09-23 maserafixes for SSD online QA problems (Panos)
2011-09-20 amastrosselection on minimum number of N points added
2011-09-19 amastrosbug fix
2011-09-15 amastrosparticle density corrected (Ruben)
2011-09-15 amastrosFast Tool updates to compute efficiency with at least...
2011-09-13 amastrosGeneral macro to estimate tracking efficiency
2011-09-13 amastrosTwo bug fixes (S. Rossegger)
2011-09-06 hristovFixed memory leaks for #86360: High memory consumption...
2011-09-06 prinoMinor updates in two SDD macros
2011-08-30 hristov#86069: Fix to prevent crash when missing logger in...