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2011-07-16 hristovMoving the classes that belong to the following librari...
2011-07-11 hristovChanges for #82873: Module debugging broken (Christian)
2011-07-09 shahoian1) Added AliESDtrack and AliAODtrack to GetTOFBunchCros...
2011-07-07 hristovQA modifications for DQM (Melinda, Annalisa)
2011-07-05 amastrosModificaions from Stefan Rossegger :
2011-07-04 hristovChanges in QA to be able to process separately differen...
2011-07-01 maseraThe v11 geometry can now be used instead the v11hybrid...
2011-07-01 maseramods to display the % of events with vertex
2011-06-29 prinoExtended pileup search tomore than 1 pileup vertex
2011-06-25 prinoAdd protection against zero-cluster in a layer
2011-06-23 prinoSort clusters along etat to speed-up track finding...
2011-06-21 prinoSkip first 5 events in SDD DA analysis: protection...
2011-06-20 amastrosfHits size reduced to previous assignment
2011-06-17 maseraNew support volumes between ITS and TPC (M. Sitta)
2011-06-17 maseraFix small overlaps in ideal and misaligned geometries...
2011-06-17 amastrosCoverity fixes (Stefan)
2011-06-16 amastrosThe bug fix with the track fitting active
2011-06-16 amastrosBug fix in cluster labels (Stefan Rossegger).
2011-06-16 prinoCode cleanup
2011-06-13 prinoUpdates in SDD QA checker and macros (M. Siciliano)
2011-06-03 prinoCoverity (Melinda)
2011-06-01 prinoNew macro to do dE/dx parameterization in ITS
2011-05-31 prinoNew features in SDD QA (Melinda)
2011-05-21 prinoFix in SDD calibration macro (Ruben)
2011-05-20 prinoAdded macro for SDD corection map and drift speed calib...
2011-05-20 maseraCoverity fix
2011-05-19 maseraCoverity
2011-05-18 maseraFixes for Coverity warnings (M. van Leeuwen)
2011-05-18 maseraBug fix - Coverity warnings 16767 and 16768
2011-05-18 maseraFixes for Coverity warnings (G. Bruno)
2011-05-18 hristovClean-up of include files
2011-05-16 cterrevocoverity fix
2011-05-12 amastrosBug in number of layers.
2011-05-12 hristovCoverity 16144
2011-05-12 maseraUpgrades to allow the study of the SPD Fast OR efficien...
2011-05-10 prinoAdd the cluster map info in pid container class
2011-05-10 prinoAdd possibilty to selct reco pass (Elena Botta)
2011-05-07 maseraFix for a coverity warning
2011-05-03 prinoCoverity fix
2011-05-02 prinoMinor fix in macro to plot SDD calibs
2011-05-02 amastrosCoverity fix in AliITStrackU
2011-05-02 amastrosCoverity fixes + minors
2011-05-01 prinoUpdated class to store dE/dx samples
2011-04-30 prinoNew features in macro for trending SDD QA output (possi...
2011-04-25 prinoNew plot for trending dE/dx on Lay3 and Lay4 separately
2011-04-21 maseraFix for Savannah bug 81219 (Melinda)
2011-04-20 maseraTrackleter parameters updated for pp (Ruben)
2011-04-20 prinoMacro for trend of SDD calibration updated to skip...
2011-04-14 prinoAdded possibility to show the trend of calibrations...
2011-04-14 prinoFix in SDD correction maps for cases of negative drift...
2011-04-14 maseraMinor change in SetLaddersOnLayer2 to speed-up the...
2011-04-14 prinoNew macro to print SDD configuration from JTAG hex...
2011-04-14 prinoMinor fixes in SDD macros
2011-04-13 prinoNew feature to plot raw data of single module
2011-04-12 amastrosAdding macros folder.
2011-04-07 hristovCoding conventions (Francesco)
2011-04-07 maseraUpdated condition to avoid double subtraction for SDD...
2011-04-04 prinoAdd bit to flag and properly treat correction maps...
2011-04-03 maseraCompilation warning
2011-04-01 prinoNew macro to plot the output of QA task for ITS standal...
2011-04-01 amastrosObsolete code removed
2011-03-31 maseraWarning messages changed to debug messages
2011-03-31 maseraBug fix (A. Mastroserio)
2011-03-29 maseraCoding conventions (G. Bruno)
2011-03-29 cterrevoCoverity fixes
2011-03-28 prinoUpdated macro to plot SDD injector performance vs....
2011-03-28 maseraMacro to plot results from pwg1-QA SPD task (A. Mastros...
2011-03-28 amastroscoverity fixes + bug fixes
2011-03-28 prinoNew setters (Ruben)
2011-03-28 prinoUpdated calculation of efficiencies to account for...
2011-03-27 prinoBug fix
2011-03-25 amastrosCoverity fixes + improved label assignement
2011-03-25 amastroscoverity fix
2011-03-25 amastroscoverity fixes
2011-03-24 prinoUpdates in SDD macros to plot QA results
2011-03-23 amastrosBug fix in the track phi assignment.
2011-03-21 maseraCoding conventions (O. Borysov)
2011-03-18 maseraCoding conventions (Ruben)
2011-03-18 maseraFO signals are propagated from SDigits to Digits (A...
2011-03-17 maseraFloating point data members moved to double precision...
2011-03-16 prinoNew macro for SDD QA plots from ESD tracks
2011-03-16 prinoAdd protections for empty histos
2011-03-15 amastrosImproved settings of B in AliMedium for Si
2011-03-14 amastrosChanges from S. Rossegger :
2011-03-13 amastrosfixing coding convention viols. RecPoint macro updated.
2011-03-11 maseraCoding conventions
2011-03-11 morschGsatt replaced
2011-03-11 maseraCoding conventions (Marco van Leeuwen)
2011-03-11 maseraCoding conventions (Melinda)
2011-03-11 maseracall to GetEntries changed to a call to GetEntriesFast
2011-03-10 amastrosMajor changes in the code to comply with the following...
2011-03-10 maserabug fix
2011-03-09 prinoUpdated thresholds for cluster finding in SDD injector DA
2011-03-09 maseraCoding conventions (E.Fragiacomo)
2011-03-09 maseraCoding conventions (M. Sitta)
2011-03-09 maseraCoding conventions (M.Sitta)
2011-03-09 maseraCoding conventions (M.Sitta)
2011-03-08 hristovCorrect treatment of the best hypothesys (Ruben)
2011-03-08 hristovUsing safer getter (At instead of UncheckedAt)
2011-03-08 prinoFix coding convention violations