Coverity fix.
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / JETAN / AliAnalysisTaskDiJets.cxx
2011-01-28 morschCoverity fix.
2010-10-26 kleinbAdd SetOwner() for output lists
2010-06-16 dperrinoWarning corrected
2010-05-27 dperrinoAOD filling excluded plus minor changes
2010-05-27 dperrinoIncluded the possibility to set a non standard jet...
2010-04-27 dperrinoAdded (default) option to not fill AOD's branch
2009-12-18 kleinbAdded post data before return, to get output
2009-12-17 dperrinoAdded some output histograms to the task
2008-08-21 kleinbRead aod from OutputHandler in of no aod input
2008-07-18 morschTake into account > 2 jets per event. (D. Perrino)
2008-07-16 morschAddress of address instead of address for dijet branch.
2008-04-02 morschDiJet analysis.