fix memory leak and funny multiplicity
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / JETAN / AliJetFinder.cxx
2009-03-25 morschCorrected destructors (J. Thaeder)
2008-07-18 kleinbEnable user selection of ConfigFile for jet finder...
2008-03-04 morschWarnings corrected.
2008-02-28 morschDerive from AliAnalysisTaskSE.
2007-09-13 morsch- Use UnitArray to store track and emcal information.
2007-06-04 morschInterfaced to AliAODJet and AliAODHandler.
2007-05-21 morschFile opening for local analysis.
2007-05-03 morschUpdates needed for the Analysis framework.
2007-05-02 morschStandard connection to ESD in chain.
2007-04-24 morschSome additional updates for running under proof.
2007-04-05 morschChanges needed to run analysis with proof.
2007-02-15 alibraryAdding cvs Id
2006-12-20 morschProtection added.
2006-12-19 morsch- Clean-up of data members and methods in base classes...
2006-11-22 morsch- The part of JETAN dealing with ESD data has been...
2006-08-29 morschEffC++ warnings corrected. (M. Lopez Noriega)
2006-01-19 hristovPPR version of the JETAN code (M. Lopez Noriega)
2005-07-16 morschSetInput call corrected for generated jets.
2005-07-07 morschDestructor changed (G. Contreras)
2005-06-22 morschFirst commit of new jet reconstruction and analysis...