remove use of EMC info from AliAODPID (M. Estienne)
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / JETAN / AliJetHadronCorrectionv1.h
2012-05-03 kleinbremove use of EMC info from AliAODPID (M. Estienne)
2011-03-06 morschCoding rule violations corrected
2011-01-23 morschCoverity corrections
2009-10-15 morschWarnings corrected.
2009-10-02 morschImproved hadron correction (Magali, Mark)
2008-03-04 morschWarnings corrected.
2007-09-13 morsch- Use UnitArray to store track and emcal information.
2007-04-05 morschModifications needed to run analysis with proof.
2006-12-19 morschMore EMCALgeometry replaced by AliJetDummyGeo
2006-11-22 morschCode for jet finding using TPC and EMCAL ESD information.