Fix for the problem during PbPb run of Nov 2010 (Indra)
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / JETAN / AliUA1JetFinderV1.h
2010-07-05 kleinbDo not use TH1 to calculate mean and rms, removed hard...
2009-11-15 morschCoding violations corrected.
2009-08-05 morschCoding violations corrected.
2007-04-24 morschSome additional updates for running under proof.
2007-04-05 morschModifications needed to run analysis with proof.
2006-11-22 morsch- The part of JETAN dealing with ESD data has been...
2006-08-29 morschEffC++ warnings corrected. (M. Lopez Noriega)
2006-06-13 hristovNew version of the jet finder (Rafael)