Updating example reco macro for real data
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / JETAN / libJETAN.pkg
2009-11-17 hristovMajor update of the CMake compilation:
2009-10-07 fcaSome cleanup in the makefiles
2009-08-08 morschObsolete code removed.
2009-07-30 morschUpdates provided by Magali Estienne
2009-07-15 morschRecommit after correction of coding rule violations...
2009-06-29 morschCdf jet finder temporarily removed.
2009-06-16 morschReconstruction using FASTJET in a separate library.
2009-05-21 morschSmall modifications for proper running of FASTJET on...
2009-04-30 morschInterface to FASTJETs SISCone jetfinder added.
2008-11-06 morschEvent Shape Utility Class (Antonio Ortiz Velasquez...
2008-06-03 morschJet finder similar to the one used for the CDF charged...
2008-04-16 hristovCompilation on Windows/Cygwin
2008-04-02 morschDiJet analysis.
2007-11-21 morschUpdates on Dummy Geometry. (M. Estienne)
2007-10-05 morschInterface to FASTJET. (Rafael Diaz)
2007-09-13 morsch- Use UnitArray to store track and emcal information.
2007-08-30 morschManager class for control histos added. (Guillermo...
2007-08-17 morschClassed moved form libJETANMC to libJETAN.
2007-08-07 morschNew classes added.
2007-03-30 morschSmall changes needed for batch analysis. (Ch. Klein...
2007-01-08 morschFirst version of a jet analysis deriving from AliAnalys...
2006-12-19 morschUse AliJetDummyGeometry.
2006-12-19 morsch- Clean-up of data members and methods in base classes...
2006-11-22 morschESD jet analysis.
2006-07-21 hristovNew code to work both with the ESD and MC (Mercedes)
2006-06-13 hristovNew version of the jet finder (Rafael)
2006-01-19 hristovPPR version of the JETAN code (M. Lopez Noriega)
2005-07-21 morschJet analysis class first commit (G. Contreras, M. Lopez...
2005-06-30 morschclass JetProductionData added.
2005-06-22 morschFirst commit of new jet reconstruction and analysis...
2005-06-22 hristovMoving the 2004 version of JETAN to subdirectory jetan2004
2005-05-08 hristovVersion of the jet analysis module from v4-01-Release
2004-11-25 loizidesBugfixes again for HLT.
2004-11-19 loizidesWorkaround to compute conformal track parameters at...
2004-10-31 loizidesAdded class to read good tracks tpc.
2004-08-27 loizidesChanges for alien analysis.
2004-06-14 loizidesAdded ESD reader for HLT tracks.
2004-04-07 loizidesInitial import.