Oversight fixed
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / JETAN /
2007-09-27 morschSign error for dphi move of jet axis close to phi ...
2007-09-26 hristovRevertin some changes committed by mistake to the CVS...
2007-09-26 morschMemory leak corrected.
2007-09-26 morschChanges needed because of change of AliESDCaloCluster...
2007-09-26 morschMemory leaks corrected (Ch. Klein-Boesing)
2007-09-13 morsch- Use UnitArray to store track and emcal information.
2007-09-05 morschMemory leak corrected (Ch. Klein-Boesing)
2007-08-30 morschManager class for control histos added. (Guillermo...
2007-08-17 morschClassed moved form libJETANMC to libJETAN.
2007-08-17 morschUse AliMCEventHandler instead of runloader.
2007-08-16 morschUse SetInputEvent()
2007-08-16 morschLoad JETAN library.
2007-08-16 morschMethod SetInputEvent introduced.
2007-08-15 morschSome extra lines to read PDC06 data.
2007-08-11 morschProtection added.
2007-08-09 morschUpdated needed due framework changes.
2007-08-09 morschSTEERBase added to include path
2007-08-08 morschput AOD into the include path
2007-08-07 morschPreliminary solution for AOD connection.
2007-08-07 morschPart of Reset() moved to base class.
2007-08-07 morschComp. warning corrected.
2007-08-07 morschNew classes added.
2007-08-07 morschReader for AOD information. (D. Perrino)
2007-08-07 morschJet finder based on deterministic annealing. (D. Perrino)
2007-08-06 morschChange of getter in AliAnalysisManager
2007-08-01 morschUpdates.
2007-07-17 morschUpdate of loaded libraries.
2007-07-12 morschUse AliESDEvent instead of AliESD.
2007-06-07 morsch- Aod file is not opened locally
2007-06-04 morschUsing the AliOADHandler now.
2007-06-04 morschInterfaced to AliAODJet and AliAODHandler.
2007-05-24 morschMacro for local analysis.
2007-05-21 morschFile opening for local analysis.
2007-05-03 morschUpdates needed for the Analysis framework.
2007-05-02 morschStandard connection to ESD in chain.
2007-04-24 morschExamples script to run jet finder under proof.
2007-04-24 morschSome additional updates for running under proof.
2007-04-05 morschModifications needed to run analysis with proof.
2007-04-05 morschChanges needed to run analysis with proof.
2007-04-03 morschUpdates needed to work with the analysis framework.
2007-03-30 morschSmall changes needed for batch analysis. (Ch. Klein...
2007-03-19 morschCoding rule violations corrected.
2007-02-15 alibraryAdding cvs Id
2007-02-07 alibraryAdding includes required by ROOT
2007-02-06 hristovPROOF-aware version of the analysis framework (Andrei)
2007-02-02 alibraryIncludes required by ROOT head
2007-01-23 morschMemory leaks corrected (Ch. Klein-Boesing)
2007-01-23 alibraryAdding include files where needed for latest ROOT
2007-01-22 morschSmall correction.
2007-01-17 morschPossibility to read separate input streams for signal...
2007-01-15 alibraryInserting TMath.h where required by the new version...
2007-01-12 morschFix of detail in the background subtraction method...
2007-01-10 morschAll data members are streamed.
2007-01-10 morschCorrection in output format.
2007-01-08 morschExample jet analysis configuration.
2007-01-08 morschExample macro for jet analysis.
2007-01-08 morschFirst version of a jet analysis deriving from AliAnalys...
2006-12-20 morschProtection added.
2006-12-20 morschUnitArray only filled if grid defined.
2006-12-20 morschMissing inline added.
2006-12-20 morschMissing ; added.
2006-12-19 morschClean-up mainly in includes.
2006-12-19 morschExtra ; removed.
2006-12-19 morschMore EMCALgeometry replaced by AliJetDummyGeo
2006-12-19 morschUse AliJetDummyGeometry.
2006-12-19 morschDummy geometry to remove dependency from EMCAL (tempora...
2006-12-19 morschEff C++ Warnings corrected.
2006-12-19 morsch- Clean-up of data members and methods in base classes...
2006-12-14 morschJet analysis based on TSelector.
2006-12-14 morschHeader file for AliJetSelector.C first commit.
2006-11-30 hristovL3 becomes HLT
2006-11-29 hristovRICH becomes HMPID
2006-11-22 morschCode for jet finding using TPC and EMCAL ESD information.
2006-11-22 morschJet reconstruction and analysis class deriving from...
2006-11-22 morschLibrary for jet analysis using MC truth.
2006-11-22 morschJet analysis using MC information.
2006-11-22 morschReplaced by JETANLinkDef.h
2006-11-22 morschESD jet analysis.
2006-11-22 morsch- The part of JETAN dealing with ESD data has been...
2006-11-07 morschCorrection in bg particle counting (R. Diaz)
2006-10-31 morschMakefile for generation of JETAN.par
2006-10-31 morschScripts needed for analysis.
2006-08-29 alibrarySome small corrections
2006-08-29 morschEffC++ warnings corrected. (M. Lopez Noriega)
2006-07-21 hristovNew code to work both with the ESD and MC (Mercedes)
2006-06-13 hristovNew version of the jet finder (Rafael)
2006-04-26 hristovCoding conventions, clean-up and related changes
2006-01-19 hristovNew files belonging to the PPD version of the JETAN...
2006-01-19 hristovPPR version of the JETAN code (M. Lopez Noriega)
2005-09-11 loizidesRemoved.
2005-07-21 morschFast EMCAL simulation option added.
2005-07-21 morschJet analysis class first commit (G. Contreras, M. Lopez...
2005-07-21 morschSet flag and reset state if no leading particle has...
2005-07-18 hristovAdding Efficiency and SmearMomentum
2005-07-16 morschTPC fast simulation added.
2005-07-16 morschSetInput call corrected for generated jets.
2005-07-16 morschProtection in case no particle has been found in accept...
2005-07-07 morschDestructor changed (G. Contreras)
2005-07-07 morschSetPtFromSignal added. (G. Contreras)
2005-07-07 morsch1) Use fiducial cuts in eta to select jets