New default values for baselines (F.Prino)
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / LHAPDF / liblhapdf.pkg
2008-06-25 fcaRemoving f2c dependency
2008-03-27 morschUpdated to version 5.3.1
2008-02-22 hristovMakefile mode added
2008-02-22 hristovlhapdf.f used from the original LHAPDF distribution...
2007-01-29 hristovCompiling lhaglue.F in to fix the initial...
2006-11-02 hristovExtracting the BLOCK DATA in a separate file. Changes...
2006-08-08 morschincludes added
2006-08-07 morschLHAPDF/AliRoot code initial commit.