- Add simple QA to the trigger patch maker and set the default to
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / MFT / AliMFTAnalysisTools.cxx
2014-10-25 aurasNew MFT Analysis Tools
2014-08-29 aurasNew methods in AliMFTAnalysisTools
2014-07-25 aurasMFT methods for muon and dimuon offset modified
2014-07-23 aurasModifications to MFT classes to manage embedding
2014-04-25 aurasMemory leak fixed in AliMFTAnalysisTools
2014-04-15 aurasMemory leak fixed in MFT/AliMFTAnalysisTools.cxx
2014-04-14 aurasMemory leak fixed
2014-04-09 aurasTemporary bug fixed in AliMFTTrackerMU
2014-04-08 aurasAnalysis code updated