Update HFE v2 analyses
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / MUON / AliMUONCheck.h
2011-06-14 ivanaFixing coding conventions (RC22)
2010-09-28 ivanaIn AliMUONCheck:
2009-02-10 ivanaCoding conventions
2007-11-12 hristovMain changes:
2007-07-11 hristovNew class AliESDEvent, backward compatibility with...
2007-06-17 hristovReimplemented w/o MUON(rec|sim)Data (Laurent)
2007-05-02 ivanaUpdated for separation of simulation and reconstruction...
2007-04-03 martinezDealing with two different loaders for simulation and...
2007-03-19 ivanaComments for Doxygen (mostly added comments for inline...
2007-03-15 ivanaUpdated comments for Doxygen
2007-03-13 ivanaNow in group evaluation (was base)
2007-02-23 ivanaNew implementation for data quality control
2006-06-19 ivana- Adapted comments for Doxygen
2006-05-22 ivanaUpdated comments for Doxygen
2006-03-17 ivanaInitial version