Adding comment lines to class description needed for Root documentation,
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / MUON / AliMUONLocalTriggerBoard.cxx
2007-07-11 ivanaAdding comment lines to class description needed for...
2007-06-21 ivanaInterfaced with new mapping (Christian)
2007-06-08 pcrochetCalculation of fResponse moved from Response to LocalTr...
2007-06-01 pcrochetBug fixed in TrigX: switchs zero_down/middle/up activat...
2007-03-29 pcrochetget lut output for xTrig && yTrig (Philippe C.)
2007-03-29 pcrochetDecoupling trigX and trigY in LocalTrigger (Philippe C.)
2007-03-27 pcrochetAdd sign of deviation & trigger Y, setters & getters...
2007-03-19 ivanaComments for Doxygen (mostly added comments for inline...
2006-12-01 pcrochetfStripX11 properly initialized in LocalTrigger (Valerie)
2006-10-24 pcrochetremove trigger apt cut and AliMUONTriggerConstants...
2006-09-12 pcrochetswitch to activate trigger coincidence 3/4 or 4/4
2006-09-05 pcrochetremoving fc++ warnings
2006-05-11 ivana- Coding conventions
2006-04-05 hristovCoding conventions (Rachid)
2006-03-17 ivanaAdding mask handling
2006-03-13 ivanaAdding protected copy constructor and assignment operator
2006-02-27 ivanaMove to new mapping
2006-02-03 ivanaNew class of local trigger boards