Bug fixed in method AliMUONTrack::MatchTriggerTrack
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / MUON / AliMUONTrack.cxx
2004-09-22 cussonnoBug fixed in method AliMUONTrack::MatchTriggerTrack
2004-05-25 martinezCode revision:
2004-03-04 cussonnoAdd track matching between trigger and tracker informat...
2004-02-27 martinezRemoving EXIT in MINUIT (Ch. Finck)
2004-02-15 hristovReducing the amount of printout
2004-02-13 hristovSet batch mode in Minuit
2004-01-23 martinezCopy contructor and operator = (Christian)
2003-12-19 martinezComing back to splitting. Adding copy constructor to...
2003-08-18 martinezRemoving warnings ...
2003-07-13 hristovTransition to NewIO
2002-10-23 alibraryIntroducing Riostream.h
2001-08-30 hristovThe operator[] is replaced by At() or AddAt() in case...
2001-05-03 hristovstdlib.h included to define exit()
2001-04-25 gossetCorrections to violations of coding conventions
2001-04-23 hristovArrays with variable size created by new and deleted...
2001-04-09 gossetInversion of covariance matrices with local copy of...
2001-01-17 hristovchPrev initialised
2001-01-08 gossetModifications used for addendum to Dimuon TDR (JP Cusso...
2000-09-19 gossetTrackChi2MCS function: covariance matrix better calculated,
2000-07-20 gossetNew "EventReconstructor..." structure,
2000-07-18 gossetAliMUONEventReconstructor package:
2000-06-30 gossetChanges to EventReconstructor...:
2000-06-25 hristovstdlib.h needed for non-Linux compilation
2000-06-15 morschCode from MUON-dev joined