remoe duplicate QA initialisation and do ESD QA for same detectors as RecPoint QA
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / MUON / AliMUONTriggerCircuit.h
2007-09-25 ivanaMoving AliMUONTriggerCircuit from trigger to base library,
2007-09-24 pcrochetrestore PtCal method, thanks to Christian & Philippe...
2007-06-21 ivanaManaged the 234 local boards inside the class & simplif...
2007-06-17 hristovRemoving unneeded include (Laurent)
2007-05-02 ivanaMoving class from base to trigger
2007-04-28 pcrochetadd GetTransformer (Christian)
2007-03-19 ivanaComments for Doxygen (mostly added comments for inline...
2007-03-13 ivanaCorrected Doxygen warnings:
2006-10-27 pcrochetAliMUONTriggerCircuit added
2006-10-06 pcrochetremove AliMUONTriggerCircuit.cxx AliMUONTriggerDecision...
2006-06-19 ivana- Adapted comments for Doxygen
2006-05-22 ivanaUpdated comments for Doxygen
2006-04-26 hristovCoding conventions (Philippe)
2005-10-20 ivana- Added a Print() method.
2005-09-22 ivana- Modified comment lines to be compatible with Doxygen
2005-07-13 cussonnoRemove obselete members & methods (Ch. Finck)
2005-06-14 martinezRemoving old segmentation, obsolete classes and removin...
2005-03-08 martinezImplemented new segmentation for global and local trigg...
2004-05-25 martinezCode revision:
2002-10-23 alibraryIntroducing Riostream.h
2000-10-02 eganglerCleaning of the code :
2000-07-03 morschAliMUONSegmentation and AliMUONHitMap have been replace...
2000-06-15 morschCode from MUON-dev joined