The changes to perform the trigger chamber efficiency determination from ESD
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / MUON / Calib / DDLStore /
2007-12-10 ivanaRegenerated files with introducing the AliMpRegionalTri...
2007-11-16 ivanaRegenerated files with one more update in trigger mappi...
2007-11-16 ivanaRegenerated files with update in trigger mapping by...
2007-11-12 ivanaUpdated files in CDB with update of mapping
2007-10-18 ivanaUpdated serial manu numbers for station 345
2007-10-17 ivanaUpdated with modified classes in mapping
2007-10-10 ivanaUpdating serial manu numbers for station 1 and station 2
2007-10-03 ivanaRegenerated files with moving DEStore from DDLStore...
2007-09-21 ivanaFill the DDL numbers for trigger detection element...
2007-09-13 ivanaUpdate serial number for chamber 5 (Christian)
2007-08-28 pcrochetUpdate mapping root file (Christian)
2007-08-10 ivanaUpdated/changed the serial numbers for station 3 and 7
2007-08-06 ivanaUpdated the serial numbers for ch5L
2007-07-18 ivanaNew file with serial numbers (Christian)
2007-07-12 ivanaRegenerated with update of BusPatchLength.dat
2007-07-10 ivanaUpdate buspatch cable length for station 345 (Christian)
2007-07-06 ivanaUpdated with modifying AliMpDDLStore by Christian
2007-07-06 ivanaMapping objects in CDB