- Compute parameter covariances including absorber dispersion effects
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / MUON / MUONmassPlot_ESD.C
2007-11-16 ivana- Compute parameter covariances including absorber...
2007-08-06 ivanaAdded include of AliESDVertex.h
2007-07-11 ivanaUpdated for changes in the framework:
2007-06-17 hristovFixing what I think was a bug (Laurent)
2007-05-02 ivanaUpdated for separation of simulation and reconstruction...
2007-04-19 ivanaCorrecting compiler errors/warnings
2007-03-14 ivana- We now save in MUON ESD both track parameters extrapo...
2007-03-09 ivana(a) Multiple scattering and energy loss in absorber...
2006-10-27 martinezUpdating MUON code with the new class AliMUONTrackExtra...
2006-10-25 pcrochetremove sign info on trigger single (Christian, Philippe)
2006-10-24 martinezSetting L3 magnetic field to 0.5T as defualt value...
2006-10-24 martinezpatch to indentify if any primary vertex has been found...
2006-10-06 pcrochetLoading map field for extrapolation (Christian)
2006-06-05 martinezWhen ITS vertex is absent, extrapolation is done to...
2006-05-29 martinezBug in getting the vertex (Nicole)
2006-05-19 ivanaAdded test for existence of the vertex (fixes crash)
2006-05-15 hristovUpdated to use the new CTP framework (Christian)
2006-04-04 hristovAdding histo with ITS Z vertex information (Sebastian)
2005-10-04 martinezAdding trigger matching information (Christian)
2005-02-18 martinezRemoving warnings
2004-09-22 cussonnoCalculation of pyz corrected
2004-07-21 cussonnoSet magnetic field off (Christian)
2004-05-19 martinezReading MUONtracks from new ESD object tree
2004-05-17 martinez2D Invariant Mass plots
2004-04-07 martinezNew macro for invariant mass analysis from ESD (Christian)