Geometry builder classes moved from base to sim.
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / MUON / MUONsimLinkDef.h
2006-06-19 ivanaGeometry builder classes moved from base to sim.
2006-05-17 ivanaMoving AliMUONTriggerEfficiencyCells from sim to base
2006-03-21 ivanaRemoving not used St1 classes
2006-03-20 hristovRemoving obsolete enum
2006-03-17 ivanaAdding new classes
2006-03-02 ivanaChanges related to added/removed classes.
2006-02-13 hristovChanges to use loadlibs.C
2006-02-03 ivanaAdded new classes AliMUONGlobalTriggerBoard, AliMUONLoc...
2006-01-31 ivanaAdded TriggerDecisionV1, SDigitizerV2, DigitizerV3
2006-01-19 hristovMUON trigger classes to collaborate with CTP (E. Lopez...
2006-01-13 martinezSeparating writing and reading of raw data (Christian)
2006-01-11 ivanaRemoved AliMUONSegFactoryV2,3,4 classes
2005-11-22 ivanaAliMUONFactoryVN classes replaced with AliMUONSegFactoryVN,
2005-10-20 ivanaAdded pragma for AliMUONFactoryV4
2005-09-30 martinezSpliting Map for hit and digit (to be continued, Christian)
2005-09-19 ivanaFrom Laurent:
2005-06-14 martinezRemoving obsolete classes AliMUONMerger and AliMUONPadH...
2005-06-14 martinezRemoving old segmentation, obsolete classes and removin...
2005-04-22 cussonno"Separation of librairies" Ch. Finck
2005-04-17 hristovChanges needed on Sun with Root v4-03-04
2005-03-09 martinezRemove obselete method Hit2Digit for digitalization
2005-02-25 cussonnoAdded customised streamer to AliMUONSt12QuadrantSegmen...
2005-02-21 cussonnoNew segmentation with switch between old and new (Ch...
2005-01-17 martinezAliMUONHit can store now optionnally either chamber...
2005-01-10 alibraryAliMUON class already in base dictionary
2004-12-20 cussonnoRemoving circular dependences, work in progress (Ch...
2004-11-21 martinezGeometry framework classes were made independent from...
2004-10-27 cussonnoSplitting librairies (Ch. Finck)