New macro "MUONTracker" to make track reconstruction from reference tracks.
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2004-10-29 cussonnoNew macro "MUONTracker" to make track reconstruction...
2004-10-27 martinezAdapting script of README to new tracking option
2004-10-20 cussonnoNew class added to check the reconstruction of muon...
2004-09-09 cussonnoRemove obsolete informations
2004-07-23 cussonnoRealistic raw data format for tracker (Christian)
2004-04-08 martinezMUON reconstruction with pluggins and cleaning-up AliMU...
2004-04-07 martinezNew macro for invariant mass analysis from ESD (Christian)
2004-03-16 martinezUpdating info for SDigitalizer after Artur modifications
2004-03-02 martinezUpdating README
2004-01-29 martinezOne event option in MUONCheck functions. Script example...
2004-01-26 pcrochetAdd info on how to reconstruct trigger tracks
2004-01-26 martinezNew MUON cocktail for slow simulations
2003-12-12 martinezRemoving output of hit pointers in AliMUONTrack class...
2003-11-28 martinezTesting null pointers in AliMUONData
2003-10-24 martinezRKUTA choice doc in README. RKUTA as default in Config_...
2003-10-01 martinezMUONdisplay: (le retour)
2003-09-26 martinezMore in the README
2003-09-17 martinezIndependent trigger and cluster reconstruction. Adding...
2003-09-12 martinezConcomitant clusterisation and trigger reconstruction
2003-09-10 martinezConcomitant RawClusterisation and TriggerDecisionner
2003-09-08 martinezTracks reconstruction using NewIO
2003-09-04 martinezNew muon data container. Error on triggerdecisioner
2003-08-21 martinezMUONrawcluster ready to compile
2003-08-21 martinezMUONrawcluster ready to compile
2003-08-11 martinezREADME
2003-07-13 hristovTransition to NewIO