recover the detector tag int and not the string from the AOD particle
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / MUON / TestRecPoints.C
2009-10-27 ivanaClass AliMUONCDB:
2009-03-16 hristovPropagation of MC lables from hits up to AOD.(Philippe P.)
2009-02-09 hristovExtacting the OCDB in a separate module. The detectors...
2008-08-27 laphecetDefine default values of cluster resolution per chamber...
2008-05-29 ivanaCorrections to get macro compiling
2008-03-20 ivana1) New class "AliMUONRefitter" to:
2008-03-07 laphecetAdding a cut on ADC to speed up things (Dieggo)
2008-02-25 ivanaNew macros for the offline shifts