Separating writing and reading of raw data (Christian)
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / MUON / libMUONrec.pkg
2006-01-13 martinezSeparating writing and reading of raw data (Christian)
2005-11-28 martinezModifications needed for the combined cluster / track...
2005-11-04 martinezSplitting Draw option in cluaster finder AZ (Sacha)
2005-09-30 martinezSpliting Map for hit and digit (to be continued, Christian)
2005-07-22 cussonnochange class name: AliMUONEventReconstructor -> AliMUON...
2005-07-22 cussonnoRemove obsolete classes
2005-04-22 cussonno"Separation of librairies" Ch. Finck
2005-04-06 martinezRemove fortran functions
2004-12-20 cussonnoRemoving circular dependences, work in progress (Ch...
2004-11-21 martinezGeometry framework classes were made independent from...
2004-10-28 hristovThe same EINCLUDE in all libraries
2004-10-27 cussonnoSplitting librairies (Ch. Finck)