new functionality and new class added
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / MUON / loadmacros.C
2009-11-03 ivanaAdding MUONChamberMaterialBudget.C:
2009-10-27 ivanaRemoving macros MUONResoEffChamber.C, loadFromOCDB...
2009-10-27 ivanaAdding new macros in loadmacros.C
2009-10-08 ivanaAdding new macro, loadFromOCDB.C, for loading magnetic...
2008-06-04 ivana- Introducing more functions and simplified usage
2007-12-20 ivanaRevision of macros documentation
2007-10-26 pcrochetMUONTrigger.C restored thanks to Laurent (Philippe C.)
2007-08-06 ivanaMUONCheckDI.C now back, thanks to Artur.
2007-07-19 ivanaUncommented MUONTriggerEfficiencyPt, migrated to data...
2007-07-05 ivanaAdding macros runSimulation.C, runReconstruction.C
2007-07-04 ivana- Removing macro MUONdisplay.C
2007-05-04 ivanaAdding fastMUONSim.C, fastMUONGen.C
2007-05-02 ivanaCommented out loading macros not yet ported to splittin...
2007-04-26 ivanaRemoving obsolete macro MUONTracker.C
2007-04-25 ivanaAdding includes to make macros MergeMuonLight.C, ReadRe...
2007-04-23 ivanaAdded paths, uncommented MUONStatusMap.C (now compiles)
2007-04-23 ivanaUPdated comments only
2007-04-23 ivanaIncluding MUONplotefficiency.C in compilation
2007-04-20 ivanaA new macro for loading and compiling the macros in...