assert replacet with AliError (Laurent)
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / MUON / mapping / AliMpTriggerReader.cxx
2007-02-06 ivanaassert replacet with AliError (Laurent)
2007-01-25 ivana- All mapping enums within namespace (AliMp).
2007-01-12 ivanaMake this class non static, and introduce use of AliMpS...
2006-10-26 ivanaModyfing debug levels: level 1 only in ctors/dtors.
2006-05-24 ivanaUpdated comments for Doxygen - corrected warnings
2006-05-11 ivanaDecode new trigger board names
2006-04-22 hristovCoding conventions (Laurent)
2006-04-07 hristovCoding conventions (Ivana)
2006-03-02 ivana- Reordering includes and/or
2005-10-25 hristovIncluding assert.h (solarisCC5)
2005-10-20 ivanaReads trigger slat from ascii files