New class AliESDEvent, backward compatibility with the old AliESD (Christian)
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / MUON / mapping /
2007-07-10 ivanaUpdate buspatch cable length for station 345 (Christian)
2007-07-06 ivanaUpdate detection element name for chamber 6 (Christian)
2007-07-06 ivanaAdd number of manus per buspatch module for station 2
2007-07-06 ivanaFile for buspatch cable length (Christian)
2007-07-06 ivanaUpdate serial number (Christian)
2007-07-06 ivanaAdd buspatch length & change patch module interface...
2007-07-06 ivanaAdd methods to set/get cable length & change patch...
2007-07-06 ivanaAdd path for buspatch cable length file
2007-07-06 ivana- Added new static function ReadData() for loading...
2007-07-06 ivanaNew class for CDB IO
2007-07-04 ivanaAdding NofCathodes() method.
2007-06-28 martinezIntrinsic chamber efficiency calculation performed...
2007-06-27 ivanaUpdated buspatch and DDL numbers for station 345 and...
2007-06-19 ivanaAdding comments
2007-06-19 ivanaAdd protection in GetLocalBoardId method (Christian)
2007-06-19 ivanaIn GetTriggerCrate(): Add protection for DDL number...
2007-06-19 ivanaAdd method to get trigger crate iterator (Christian)
2007-06-17 hristovAdding comments (Christian)
2007-06-17 hristovInitialization of data members in ctor (Laurent)
2007-06-17 hristovAdding data member initialization (Laurent)
2007-06-17 hristovRemoving unneeded forward declaration (Laurent)
2007-06-17 hristovRemove one hard-coded constant (Laurent)
2007-06-17 hristovAddung a method GetCathodTypeFromManuId (Laurent)
2007-06-17 hristovAdding a method to get the detection element range...
2007-06-17 hristovAdding a couple more constants (Laurent)
2007-06-17 hristovAdding a missing include (Laurent)
2007-06-04 ivanaAdding '-' character to fgkCharacterMap
2007-06-04 ivanaRemoving unused classes
2007-06-04 ivanaFirst version of manu serial numbers for station 1
2007-06-04 ivanaAdding switch enum & local board id for X-Y copied...
2007-05-29 ivanaAdding methods for iterating over items
2007-05-25 pcrochetGetPosition corrected (Philippe C.)
2007-05-09 ivanaUpdate of det elements names
2007-05-09 ivanaNew files for serial numbers
2007-05-04 ivanaUpdated denames of station 1 for the quadrants as they...
2007-05-04 ivanaIn SetNofManusPerModule(): return false if no action
2007-05-04 ivanaAdd the det.element id for each local board
2007-05-04 ivanaAdd methods:
2007-05-04 ivanaAdd the array of crates Id
2007-05-04 ivanaAdd the number of local boards
2007-05-04 ivanaNew class AliMpLocalBoard, it contains:
2007-05-04 ivanaNew class AliMpTriggerCrate, it contains:
2007-05-04 ivanaAdding new option to get the DE by its name (moreover...
2007-05-03 ivanaRenamed group trigger in mapping to mptrigger,
2007-04-19 ivanaUpdate serial number files for chamber 6R
2007-04-17 ivanaAdding the option to get the DE by its name, moreover...
2007-04-17 ivanaAdding static function GetDetElement(TString& deName)
2007-04-17 ivanaAdded SetPatchModules() function to set number of manus...
2007-04-17 ivanaAdded number of manus per patch module (needed for...
2007-04-05 ivanaNumber of (tracking) chambers now available within...
2007-03-29 ivanaMoving the Decode methods (which are used by 2 classes...
2007-03-26 ivanaNew files with manu serial numbers
2007-03-26 ivanaUpdate slat names (Christian)
2007-03-21 ivanaKeep the ordering of bus patches as defined
2007-03-19 ivanaComments for Doxygen (mostly added comments for inline...
2007-03-15 ivanaUpdated/added comments for Doxygen
2007-03-13 ivanaCorrected Doxygen warnings:
2007-03-09 ivanaCommenting out the infamous speed eater = StdoutToAliDe...
2007-03-08 ivana- Using TCanvas instead of TGTransientFrame
2007-03-08 ivanaAdded iterator object (Laurent)
2007-03-08 ivanaNew painter for a group of pads defined by an iterator
2007-03-08 ivanaCorrected some manu Id's in mapping for slat and update...
2007-03-02 hristovUsing Min and Max from TMath
2007-03-02 martinezDeleting this file since name is wrong (Christian)
2007-03-02 martinezUpdate manu serial number files (Christian)
2007-02-27 martinezUpdate slat names (Christian)
2007-02-27 martinezStarting buspatch on NB plane for station 1 & 2, real...
2007-02-26 martinezUpdate serial number files (Christian)
2007-02-19 ivanaUpdated det element names (Christian)
2007-02-19 ivanaAdding bp/nbp info after manu Id.
2007-02-19 ivana122330N_GAT_08_manu.dat replaced with 122330N_CAG_08_ma...
2007-02-19 ivanaAdding bp/nbp info after manu Id.
2007-02-19 ivanaUpdated ReadManuToSerialNbs for a change of format...
2007-02-19 ivanaAdded function PrintAllManu()
2007-02-15 ivanaAdded the arrays of 1st manu in bus for stations 1...
2007-02-15 ivana- Added new functions:
2007-02-08 ivana- treating the closing of the popup window properly
2007-02-07 ivanaUpdated PaintContour() method
2007-02-07 ivanaCommenting out debug printing
2007-02-07 ivanaNew GUI class for drawing detection element segmentation
2007-02-07 ivanaRemoving default implementation for CreateIterator();
2007-02-07 ivanaIn CreateIterator(): return the AliMpSectorPadsIterator
2007-02-07 ivanaIterating over motif positions instead of rows, row...
2007-02-07 ivanaAdding functions for iterating over motif positions
2007-02-06 ivanaCorrected GetNeighbours() (Laurent)
2007-02-06 ivanaassert replacet with AliError (Laurent)
2007-02-06 ivanaAdding CreateIterator(void) and GetNeighbours() pure...
2007-02-06 ivanaAdding new CreateIterator() and GetNeighbours() methods
2007-02-06 ivana- Adding new CreateIterator() and GetNeighbours() metho...
2007-02-06 ivanaCommenting out StdoutToAliDebug which is, with the...
2007-02-06 ivanaCorrected MoveRight() function
2007-02-06 ivanaCorrected MoveUp() function
2007-02-06 ivanaAdded fMaxPadDimensions and its getter
2007-02-06 ivanaUse new CreateIterator(void) method (Laurent)
2007-02-06 ivanaSyntax change propagation (Laurent)
2007-02-06 ivanaChange a comment, and a tiny optimisation (Laurent)
2007-02-06 ivanaRemoving an AliDebug (Laurent)
2007-02-06 ivanaSmall optimization (Laurent)
2007-02-06 ivanaChanging determination of validity and adding Print...
2007-02-06 ivanaUse of AliMpSectorSegmentation changed to AliMpVSegment...