added tcsh UI
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / MUON /
2001-07-28 hristovAliRunDigitizer.h included; typos corrected
2001-07-27 jchudobanew files for merging/digitization
2001-07-27 jchudobamerging/digitization classes
2001-07-27 hristovDefault Branch split level set to 99
2001-07-20 morschChanges needed to work with Root 3.01 (substitute lhs...
2001-07-17 morschPlace station 3 inside Dipole.
2001-06-29 morschSmall correction to the previous.
2001-06-28 morschUse RunReco with event range.
2001-06-21 morschObsolete version of AliMUON removed.
2001-06-21 morschPut volumes of station 3 into DIPO if present. (A....
2001-06-14 hristovRemove writing of a TreeD (now in AliMUON::SDigits2Digi...
2001-06-14 hristovWrite a TreeD in SDigits2Digits method (needed to be...
2001-06-01 gosset#include "AliHeader.h" needed
2001-05-31 morschFix for new AliRun::RunReco().
2001-05-20 morschRecommit of extrap.F until correct replacement by C...
2001-05-18 morschAliMUONTrackReconstructor and FORTRAN code removed.
2001-05-18 morschFortran code and interface to it is obsolete now.
2001-05-18 morschBug in decision on splitting corrected.
2001-05-16 alibraryNew files for folders and Stack
2001-05-11 hristovIndex corrected
2001-05-03 hristovstdlib.h included to define exit()
2001-04-25 gossetCorrections to violations of coding conventions
2001-04-23 hristovArrays with variable size created by new and deleted...
2001-04-12 morschObsolete macro removed.
2001-04-12 morschUse access methods for hit data.
2001-04-12 morschObsolete macr removed.
2001-04-12 morsch- some numerical problems caused by pad staggering...
2001-04-11 morschBug in GetPadC in case of staggered planes corrected...
2001-04-09 gossetInversion of covariance matrices with local copy of...
2001-04-06 morschpipe, abso and shil on again.
2001-04-06 morschDependency on implementations of AliSegmentation and...
2001-04-05 gossetCleaning: suppression of Cpoints and (R2points + CoG2)
2001-03-30 gossetCentroid of raw clusters displayed for each cathode...
2001-03-30 gossetComments put back
2001-03-30 gossetInitialisations of pointers... for GEANT background...
2001-03-27 morschInclude decay probability of pions and kaons in weight...
2001-03-23 pcrochetcorrect access to digits in SetBit()
2001-03-20 pcrochetbug fixed in the rejection of soft background (thanks...
2001-03-20 morschComment without information removed.
2001-03-20 eganglerWhy remove existing methods ? => Restored a meaning...
2001-03-20 eganglerTFile memory leak and "too many files open" problem...
2001-03-20 eganglerObvious small bug
2001-03-20 eganglerSmall cleanup
2001-03-20 eganglerincludes cleanup
2001-03-20 eganglerCode introduced to remove ghosts with the charge correl...
2001-03-20 eganglerfChargeCorrel moved from AliMUONChamber to AliMUONRespo...
2001-03-17 morschAccess function to local momenta renamed.
2001-03-17 morschCorrect inconsistent variable name / method name /...
2001-03-17 morschDefault is no shunting.
2001-03-17 morschUse access methods to hit data.
2001-03-16 morschDon't write the AliMUONClusterInput singleton.
2001-03-16 morschMake the two configs consistent.
2001-03-16 morschCorrections of overlap with beam shield and dipole...
2001-03-14 pcrochetModification of the trigger chamber segmentation accord...
2001-03-14 pcrochetGeometry of the trigger chambers : a vertical gap of...
2001-03-14 gossetA few changes for compatibility with EVGEN library:
2001-03-12 hristovChanges needed on Sun with CC 5.0
2001-03-08 morschMake it work with new AliDimuonCombinator.
2001-03-06 morschCalculate and pass current background event number.
2001-03-06 morschAdd Digits2Reco() and FindClusters()
2001-03-05 morschWriting of digit tree moved to macro.
2001-03-05 morschCorrect access to digit and recpoint data.
2001-03-05 morschUse access methods to hit and digit data.
2001-03-05 morschMake macro work with new STEER.
2001-03-05 morschSome correction for MUON and SHIL
2001-03-05 morschMethod SortTracks(..) imported from AliMUON.
2001-03-05 morschDigitization related methods moved to AliMUONMerger.
2001-03-04 morschNew default version of the Config.C for MUON.
2001-03-04 morschObsolete version removed.
2001-03-04 morschUpdated version using the access methods to hit member...
2001-02-08 gossetAdd a "real" default constructor.
2001-02-08 gossetfMerger field and SetMerger method,
2001-02-05 hristovCompare() declared const (R.Brun)
2001-02-02 morschAliMUONMerger prototype to be called by the merge manager.
2001-01-30 morschTempory MUON version which has full signal generation...
2001-01-30 morschUpdate chamber positions (AdTDR version update 4/12...
2001-01-30 morschRemove obolete print-statement.
2001-01-30 hristovStreamers removed (R.Brun)
2001-01-27 morschCall non default constructors of segmentation classes.
2001-01-26 morschUnresolved conflicts resolved.
2001-01-26 morschUse access functions to AliMUONDigit member data.
2001-01-26 morschAll data members private. Provide access function to...
2001-01-26 morschUse access functions to AliMUONHit member data.
2001-01-26 morschUse access functions to AliMUONDigit member data.
2001-01-26 morschUse access functions to MUONHit, ... data members.
2001-01-26 morschUse access functions to AliMUONDigit, ... member...
2001-01-26 morschUse access functions to AliMUONDigit member data.
2001-01-26 morschAll pointers set to 0 in default constructor.
2001-01-26 morschUse access functions for AliMUONHit, AliMUONDigit and...
2001-01-26 morschAll data members private. Access functions provided.
2001-01-26 morschEmpty default constructors and.
2001-01-26 hristovMajor upgrade of AliRoot code
2001-01-25 morschProtect against empty TreeD and TreeR.
2001-01-25 morschPass size of fNdch and fNrawch to CINT.
2001-01-25 morschAdd a "real" default constructor.
2001-01-23 hristovInitialisation of some pointers
2001-01-18 eganglerBug correction in StepManager :
2001-01-17 hristovUnused variable removed
2001-01-17 hristovchPrev initialised
2001-01-17 hristovMacros named