Include cstdlib (gcc 4.3.0)
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / MUON /
2008-07-04 laphecetAddding new line at end of file
2008-07-03 laphecetUpgrading the raw data QA for tracker, and introducing...
2008-07-03 laphecetIn case the selected VTrackerData does not offer data...
2008-07-03 laphecetMUONrecLinkDef.h
2008-07-03 laphecetAdded a flag to disable storing at the channel level...
2008-07-03 ivanaFixing overlaps in St1 geometry:
2008-07-03 hristovRemoving extra comma
2008-07-03 laphecetAliMUONReconstructor.cxx
2008-07-03 laphecetWhen opening a root file containing TrackerData, now...
2008-07-03 laphecetAdding a protection (in case of parity errors manuId...
2008-07-03 ivanaIn AliMUONSt2GeometryBuilderV2:
2008-07-03 laphecetAliMUONRecoParam.cxx
2008-06-30 ivanaRemove setting by hand of env. variable
2008-06-29 laphecetCan now obtain the start-of-validity run when using...
2008-06-29 laphecetAdded protection for NaN
2008-06-28 laphecetRemoving an AliInfo
2008-06-27 ivanaMUONtrgda.cxx:
2008-06-26 ivana- Adding alternate versions of methods for handling...
2008-06-26 laphecetFixing the decoding of the quality for gain calib
2008-06-24 ivanaUpdate serial number for station 3 & 5
2008-06-23 ivanaAdding info abour Frt Crocus mapping:
2008-06-20 ivanaTemporary solution to set RecoParam for the reconstruction
2008-06-20 laphecetFixing warning
2008-06-20 laphecetmchview related changes.
2008-06-20 laphecetFixes in the HV-sector to manu mapping
2008-06-20 ivanaIn MUONClusterInfo.C:
2008-06-17 ivanaIn AliMUONRawStreamTriggerHP:
2008-06-13 ivanaCorrected overlaps found with 0,001 precision
2008-06-12 ivanaUpdating READMEgeometry:
2008-06-12 ivanaSwitch on QA, as it seems it is not run by default...
2008-06-12 ivanaFixing overlaps in St1 geometry:
2008-06-12 cvetanFirst prototype of the reco-param classes. Removal...
2008-06-12 ivanaFixing overlaps in SC11, SC12, SC13, SC14 volumes.
2008-06-10 laphecetRemoving dollar from the comment string used for metada...
2008-06-09 ivanaMaking SetAlign option working aagain:
2008-06-06 ivanaMoving AliMUONTriggerDisplay from trigger to calib...
2008-06-05 ivanaFixes in St1 geometry:
2008-06-05 hristovAdditional protection
2008-06-04 laphecetmchview version 0.94 which adds the possibility to...
2008-06-04 ivana- Introducing more functions and simplified usage
2008-06-04 ivanaAdding comment lines
2008-06-04 ivanaRemoving the AliMpGlobalCrate class,
2008-06-04 ivana- Put the code to fill ESD with trigger data back in...
2008-06-04 ivanaMain changes:
2008-06-02 hristovFix needed on MacOSX Leopard
2008-05-30 vulpescuCorrect bit shift for GetVersion
2008-05-30 laphecetRegenerated to get rid of file name vs object id mismat...
2008-05-30 laphecetRegenerated to get rid of file name vs object id mismat...
2008-05-30 laphecetMacro to fill new AliMUONClusterInfo objects from ESDs...
2008-05-30 laphecetNew classes for residual studies (Philippe P.
2008-05-30 hristovlibMUONevaluation depends on libMUONcalib
2008-05-29 laphecetMinimizing the number of delete for TClonesArray, as...
2008-05-29 laphecetChanging operator= implementation, and removing now...
2008-05-29 ivana- Extended paragraph about geometry checking in REAMEge...
2008-05-29 ivanaCorrections to get macro compiling
2008-05-29 ivanaUpdated list of classes
2008-05-28 vulpescuUpdate for changes in other parts of the code
2008-05-28 ivanaRegenerated file to avoid warning about a different...
2008-05-28 ivanaChanged the return type for operator=(const TIterator&)
2008-05-27 ivana- MUONSurveyUtil.C: Adapt for changes in AliMpExMap
2008-05-27 laphecetLast missing bit and pieces from the last commit, relat...
2008-05-27 ivanaCoding conventions corrections
2008-05-27 ivanaAdding a new class
2008-05-27 ivanaAliMUONDigitCalibrator
2008-05-27 ivana- Adding svn properties svn:keywords, svn:eol-style...
2008-05-27 ivanaAdded a commented line for disabling QA
2008-05-27 ivana- Moving AliMUONTriggerCrateStore from base to trigger,
2008-05-26 ivanaFix shadowed declarations
2008-05-23 ivanaRemoving redundant declaration
2008-05-23 ivana- Make alignment test script work again
2008-05-23 ivanaIn AliMUONGlobalCrateConfig:
2008-05-22 ivanaIn AliMUONRawStreamTriggerHP:
2008-05-22 vulpescuClean shadowed declarations
2008-05-21 laphecetMore shadow variable warnings fixed
2008-05-20 laphecetFixing some shadow variables warnings
2008-05-20 vulpescuClean shadowed declarations
2008-05-20 ivanaCorrected shadowed local variables
2008-05-19 hristovRemoving circular dependency between libMUONbase and...
2008-05-19 ivanaGros chantier trigger:
2008-05-19 ivanaA special LUT where the "low cut" is in fact
2008-05-19 ivanaUpdated serial numbers for station 345
2008-05-19 ivanaMoving the previously hard-wired parameters for matchin...
2008-05-16 ivanaCorrected comment line only
2008-05-16 ivanaMaking the high performence raw data decoders default.
2008-05-15 hristovNo optimization with gcc 4.3.0
2008-05-15 ivanaMacro for checking the serial & bin number of the mount...
2008-05-15 ivanaUpdate of HP decoders:
2008-05-14 hristovCompilation with gcc 4.3.0
2008-05-14 hristovCompilation with gcc 3.2.3 (Artur)
2008-04-30 ivanaIn AliMpPad:
2008-04-29 ivanaUpdate serial number for DE513
2008-04-25 ivanaUpdated serial number for station 3,4 & 5
2008-04-25 ivanaUpdated DE names for station345
2008-04-25 ivanaUpdate in HP decoders:
2008-04-25 ivanaUpdate in HP decoders:
2008-04-25 ivanaUpdated serial number for station345
2008-04-25 ivanaCorrected rounded shapes and their placements
2008-04-24 ivanaIn AliMUONRegHeader.h:
2008-04-24 ivanaIn AliMUONQADataMakerRec:
2008-04-23 ivanaFixes in documentation only