cluster information
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2003-09-12 martinezConcomitant clusterisation and trigger reconstruction
2003-09-10 martinezConcomitant RawClusterisation and TriggerDecisionner
2003-09-10 martinezTrack reconstruction using NewIO
2003-09-08 martinezTracks reconstruction using NewIO
2003-09-05 pcrochettrigger geometry part made more compact
2003-09-05 pcrochetZ positions of trigger chambers corrected
2003-09-04 martinezNew muon data container. Error on triggerdecisioner
2003-09-04 martinezNew MUON data container AliMUONData implementation
2003-09-01 martinezNew MUON Data container and MUON loader
2003-08-28 martineznew class AliMUONLoader
2003-08-28 martinezRemoving AliMUON version 3
2003-08-21 martinezOption param for J/Psi and Upsilon working
2003-08-21 martinezMUONrawcluster ready to compile
2003-08-21 martinezMUONrawcluster ready to compile
2003-08-19 martinezRemoving warnings ...
2003-08-19 hristovAdditional protection (P.Skowronski)
2003-08-18 martinezGenerated particle in MUONrecoNtuple (Barbara Mongero)
2003-08-18 martinezRemoving warnings ...
2003-08-18 martinezRemoving warnings ...
2003-08-18 martinezRemoving warnings ...
2003-08-18 martinezRemoving warnings ...
2003-08-18 martinezTrack charge of the digit for 2nd file
2003-08-18 martinezRemoving warnings ...
2003-08-14 hristovDummy copy constructor
2003-08-14 martinezRemoving warnings ...
2003-08-14 martinezRemoving warnings ...
2003-08-14 martinezRemoving warnings ...
2003-08-14 martinezRemoving warnings ...
2003-08-14 martinezRemoving warnings ...
2003-08-14 hristovDummy copy constructor
2003-08-13 martinezRemoving warnings ...
2003-08-13 martinezConfig_MUON_test.C
2003-08-11 martinezREADME
2003-08-11 martinezReseting rawclusters at the end of the event loop
2003-08-11 martinezfDchamber allocation for digitalisation in MakeBranchIn...
2003-08-11 martinezUpdating Config_MUON_test.C from macros/Config.C
2003-08-05 hristovWriting again fChambers ans fTriggerCircuits
2003-07-25 alibraryMoving to the new VMC naming convention
2003-07-16 cussonnoMinor changes to eliminate warnings
2003-07-14 hristovLog replaced by Id
2003-07-13 hristovTransition to NewIO
2003-06-23 pcrochetbug fixed in SetBit (thanks to Pietro)
2003-05-13 martinezAdding new AddHit function
2003-05-13 martinezMerging AliMUONv3 in AliMUONv1
2003-05-13 martinezre-adding AliMUONDigitizerv1
2003-05-02 hristovCode for MUON Station1 (I.Hrivnacova)
2003-04-18 cussonnoremove obsolete macro
2003-04-02 pcrochetformer trigger Look Up Table with calc. pt
2003-04-02 pcrochetnew trigger Look Up Table (B.Forestier)
2003-03-17 pcrochetaccess to data member of AliMUONGlobalTrigger and AliMU...
2003-03-17 pcrochetdata member declared private instead of public; access...
2003-03-10 martinezBug on digit output. Now treeD event per cathode
2003-03-10 martinezAvoiding hits with eloss=0
2003-03-07 martinezBug in AliMUONDigitizerv1::Exec clear list of hits...
2003-03-05 pcrochetDeclaration of DigitResponse corrected
2003-02-24 morschAliMUONDigitizerv1 added (G. Martinez).
2003-02-10 morschConstructor needed by AliMUONv3 added. (G. Martinez)
2003-02-07 morschNew class for testing new Stepmanager added. (G. Martinez)
2003-01-29 morschCorrected path to mapping libraries.
2003-01-28 morschUpdated for a new name of MUON St1 response class
2003-01-28 morschPath to configuration data files defined in the data...
2003-01-28 morschFirst commit of data and init files needed for station...
2003-01-28 morschSet print level to 10.
2003-01-28 morschStation 1 configuration.
2003-01-28 morschNew classes added.
2003-01-28 morschImproved response simulation for station 1.
2003-01-23 morschMake macro work with head.
2003-01-14 alibraryCleanup of STEER coding conventions
2003-01-08 morschMake work with VirtualMC.
2002-12-20 pcrochetcout replaced by printf and activated for debug>1
2002-12-20 pcrochetcout replaced by printf
2002-11-21 alibraryRemoving AliMCProcess and AliMC
2002-11-19 hristovstdlib.h included to declare exit() on HP
2002-11-18 hristovSome variables declared Double_t to avoid conversion...
2002-11-18 cussonnoNew track finding method based on Kalman filter (A...
2002-11-18 cussonnoNew cluster finding using MLEM algorithm. New macro...
2002-10-30 morschUpdated.
2002-10-28 hristovReturn of Sector() corrected
2002-10-28 morschMethod Sector(Float_t x, Float_t y) addded.
2002-10-23 alibraryIntroducing Riostream.h
2002-10-21 alibraryGetting rid of unused variable
2002-10-14 hristovMerging the VirtualMC branch to the main development...
2002-09-23 hristovnameNode enlarged (HP)
2002-09-20 cussonnoMinor bugs in the definition of the bending impact...
2002-09-19 cussonnoModified absorber correction. Added function FieldCorre...
2002-09-02 morschGsbool calls added to resolve MANY. (I. Hrivnacova)
2002-09-02 morschNew segmentation radii for Station 2.
2002-07-23 alibraryAvoid ambiguities in function overloading for new Virtu...
2002-07-23 morschAll volume names start with "S".
2002-05-08 morschEnergy correction for default absorber configuration.
2002-05-02 morschFor G4: gMC->VolId(...) replaced by gAlice->GetModule...
2002-03-21 jchudobaCorrect the previous erroneous commit.
2002-03-13 jchudobaCorrection of the errourness last commit.
2002-03-13 jchudobaConnect only MUON branches when reading the event to...
2002-03-08 cussonnoAdded histograms in MUONmassPlot.C and simplified runni...
2002-03-08 cussonnoUseful macros to test the absorber correction for muon...
2002-03-08 cussonnoUpdate absorber energy loss and Branson corrections...
2002-02-22 morschValidateHit method added.
2002-02-22 morschValidate pad hit before digitization.
2002-02-22 morschValidateHit added.