- Adding handling of track info in digits.
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / MUON /
2006-03-02 ivana- Adding handling of track info in digits.
2006-03-02 ivana- Adding more comments.
2006-03-02 ivana- During reco from RAW, digits are no longer re-written.
2006-03-02 ivanaAdding timers and making few simplifications.
2006-03-02 ivanaChanged 10 to Digit::Ntracks()
2006-03-02 ivanaCache the InversePitch instead of computing it each...
2006-03-02 ivanaSimplified a bit the DrawView method, thanks to new
2006-03-02 ivanaChanged kMAXTRACKS to Digit::NTracks().
2006-03-02 ivana- Added handling of tracks and file mask (used when...
2006-03-02 ivanaMoved kMAXTRACKS from AliMUONDigit.h to here.
2006-03-02 ivanaChanged related to the changes in AliMUONCalibrationDat...
2006-03-02 ivanaMajor changes:
2006-03-02 ivanaRewriting of Digits2Clusters method to minimize the...
2006-03-02 ivanaChanged the way we clear digits, as now AliMUONDigit...
2006-03-02 ivanaChanged the handled objects from per-channel to per...
2006-03-02 ivanaChanged the defaults.
2006-03-02 ivanaReordering, correcting includes
2006-03-02 ivanaAdding comments
2006-03-02 ivanaCorrected files to be consistent with special_zone_oute...
2006-03-02 ivanaBug fix after sect renamed to sector
2006-03-02 ivanaUpdated for changing units mm->cm
2006-03-01 ivanaCorrected mapping management group definition
2006-03-01 ivanaBug fix - initializing some arrays;
2006-02-28 ivanaUpdated for modifs in AliMpFiles
2006-02-28 ivana- Updated for modifs in AliMpFiles
2006-02-28 ivanaBug fix in First() function
2006-02-27 ivanaMove to new mapping
2006-02-23 pcrochetAdd ntuple for local trigger output and memory leak...
2006-02-23 pcrochetScaling parameter as in AliMUONConstants.cxx
2006-02-23 pcrochetTrigger chamber size independent of its Z position
2006-02-15 martinezReplacing some cout << by AliWarning and AliError...
2006-02-14 martinezUsing root templates (Federico)
2006-02-14 martinezBug fix on GetGlobalTriggerPattern (Valerie)
2006-02-13 hristovChanges to use loadlibs.C
2006-02-12 martinezDefault wise using ClusterFinderAZ & Kalman filter...
2006-02-10 ivanaFixing a bug, spotted by Sasha), in Neighbours method...
2006-02-08 pcrochetLaurent's mapping modified for trigger chambers
2006-02-08 pcrochetLaurent's mapping plugged for trigger chambers
2006-02-08 martinezSyntax printf corrections (Laurent)
2006-02-08 hristovTFile.h included
2006-02-08 ivana- In CreateGeometry() - virtual modules and envelopes...
2006-02-08 ivanaRemoved, instead using AliMUONStringIntMap directly
2006-02-08 ivanaRegenerated with modifying file format
2006-02-08 ivanaRegenerated with new geometry with assemblies;
2006-02-08 ivanaNew data file providing volume paths;
2006-02-08 ivanaNew file with description of geometry data files
2006-02-08 ivanaMoving info about units to the end of file
2006-02-08 ivanaRemoved AliMUONGeometrySVMap class
2006-02-08 ivanaUpdated with modifications in AliMUONGeometryTransformer
2006-02-08 ivanaAdding misAlignment via AliRoot framework
2006-02-08 ivana- Using AliMUONStringIntMap instead of AliMUONGeometrySVMap
2006-02-08 ivanaSetting geometry module volume names and mother names
2006-02-08 ivana- Setting geometry module volume names and mother names
2006-02-08 ivana- Setting geometry module volume names and mother names
2006-02-08 ivana- Updated with modified AliMUONSegFactory constructor
2006-02-08 ivanaIn constructor: added volPathsFileName argument
2006-02-08 ivana- Method MisAlign(const TGeoCombiTrans&) moved to priva...
2006-02-08 ivana- Added protected methods SetVolume(..), SetMotherVolum...
2006-02-08 ivana- Geometry transformations can be now filled also from
2006-02-08 ivana- Using AliMUONStringIntMap instead of AliMUONGeometrySVMap
2006-02-08 ivana- Adding volume path attribute (moved from AliMUONGeome...
2006-02-08 ivana- Volume name attribute replaced with volume path
2006-02-08 ivana- In CreateGeometry() - virtual modules and envelopes...
2006-02-03 martinezTransformations for rotated geometry of st345 (Gines)
2006-02-03 martinezRotation of the stations 345 with respect the vertical...
2006-02-03 ivanaAdded new classes AliMUONGlobalTriggerBoard, AliMUONLoc...
2006-02-03 ivanaAdded a commented out version with new trigger code.
2006-02-03 ivanaOption with new AliMUONTriggerElectronics class now...
2006-02-03 ivanaLocal trigger boards configuartion file
2006-02-03 ivanaPreliminary version of new MUON trigger electronics...
2006-02-03 ivanaNew class of trigger crates
2006-02-03 ivanaTrigger board object base class
2006-02-03 ivanaNew class of regional trigger boards
2006-02-03 ivanaNew class of local trigger boards
2006-02-03 ivanaNew class of global trigger boards
2006-02-03 ivanaIn LoadDigits method:
2006-02-03 ivanaGetting event number from gAlice instead of header...
2006-02-02 ivanaUpdated Foam, FR4 thickness:
2006-02-01 ivanaFixed overlaps of St1 quadrants (SQM1,2) with beam...
2006-02-01 martinezImproving MUONrectracks (Christophe)
2006-02-01 ivanaSuppressing artificial hit splitting on "fake" boundari...
2006-02-01 ivanaDoing cluster finding in local coordinates. Speeding...
2006-02-01 ivanaAdded a commented out version with new digitizers.
2006-02-01 ivanaNew macro to macro to deal with creation/testing of...
2006-02-01 ivanaShort test script with use of calibration data
2006-02-01 ivanaAdded for setting include paths
2006-02-01 ivana- Added random seed settings
2006-02-01 martinezMUONrectrigger improved (Christophe)
2006-02-01 martinezMUONrectrigger improved (Christophe)
2006-01-31 ivanaAdded TriggerDecisionV1, SDigitizerV2, DigitizerV3
2006-01-31 ivanaAdded AliMUONDigititCalibrator class
2006-01-31 ivanaAdded AliMUONV1DStore, V2DStore, V3DStore, V1DMap,...
2006-01-31 ivanaPerforms calibration prior to clustering, if needed.
2006-01-31 ivanaChanged the ctor according to change in base class.
2006-01-31 ivanaAdded new method DisIntegrate(AliMUONHit&, TList& digit...
2006-01-31 ivanaMake Digits() and SDigits() methods consts.
2006-01-31 ivanaMake some methods const
2006-01-31 ivanaAdded 4 data members : manuId, manuChannel (to ease...
2006-01-31 ivanaAdded an IntXY method w/o segmentation parameter (used...
2006-01-31 ivanaChanged GetSignalFrom to tag the digit as saturated...