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[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / MUON /
2009-11-03 ivanaAdding MUONChamberMaterialBudget.C:
2009-11-03 ivanaAliMUONTriggerQADataMakerRec:
2009-11-03 ivanaIn reconstruction:
2009-11-03 ivanaIn trigger:
2009-11-02 hristovFixes in reconstruction:
2009-11-02 laphecetMake the exploded transformations on-demand only
2009-11-02 laphecetUse the right order of parameters for WriteRejectList...
2009-10-30 laphecetFixing doxygen warnings
2009-10-30 laphecetUpdating doc
2009-10-30 laphecetInit event before deleting it !
2009-10-30 laphecetOups. We probably do not want the memory leak checks...
2009-10-30 laphecetFixing a serious memory leak
2009-10-28 ivanaIn AliMUONTriggerQADataMakerRec:
2009-10-28 ivanaCorrected comments for Doxygen
2009-10-27 ivanaRemoving macros MUONResoEffChamber.C, loadFromOCDB...
2009-10-27 ivanaClass AliMUONCDB:
2009-10-27 ivanaAdding new macros in loadmacros.C
2009-10-27 ivanaCorrected comments for Doxygen
2009-10-27 ivanaIn MTR QA:
2009-10-26 hristovMapping corrections and updated geometry (Laurent,...
2009-10-25 ivanaFixes in reconstruction:
2009-10-23 laphecetFixing warning
2009-10-23 laphecetMust for the init of the mapping for Amore case
2009-10-23 laphecetFixing errors not spotted on Mac
2009-10-23 laphecetReorganization of the QA (Rec), by splitting a MTR...
2009-10-22 fcaQA mods to fix warnings
2009-10-21 ivanaIn reconstruction:
2009-10-21 ivanaIn AliMUONChamberCalibrationTask:
2009-10-21 ivanaRe-committing modifications from r35725
2009-10-21 fcaFixing the warnings (without screwing up all as I did...
2009-10-21 fcaFixing previous change, empty argument macros not suppo...
2009-10-21 ivanaReverting previous commit as it breaks compilation
2009-10-21 laphecetAdd new histos for the MUON_TRG QA-rawdata
2009-10-20 fcaRedefinition of macro to avoid warnings
2009-10-19 laphecetUpdate of preprocessors.
2009-10-18 ivanaUpdate for changes in Root TExMap, TExMapIter in trunk
2009-10-16 ivanaUpdate for changes in Root TExMap, TExMapIter in trunk
2009-10-15 fcachanges in the MagF constructor
2009-10-14 ivanaIn AliMUONContourHandler:
2009-10-13 hristovAdditional protection (Ivana)
2009-10-13 hristovFix for FPE in the reconstruction QA of simulated raw...
2009-10-13 laphecetFixing uninitialized array problem
2009-10-09 vulpescuInvert bits in regional response according to hardware
2009-10-08 laphecetRemove extra comma gcc 3.4 does not like
2009-10-08 laphecetUpgrading mchview with new features :
2009-10-08 ivanaReplacements of "new AliMagF(..." with accessing field
2009-10-08 laphecetForgotten files from the last commit
2009-10-08 laphecetUpdating the RecPoints QA to detect more easily illegit...
2009-10-08 laphecetFixing warning (and increasing ClassDef)
2009-10-08 ivanaAdding new macro, loadFromOCDB.C, for loading magnetic...
2009-10-07 fcaSome cleanup in the makefiles
2009-10-07 ivanaReplacements of "new AliMagF(..." with accessing field
2009-10-06 laphecetDA upgrade: take now into account the current configura...
2009-09-29 laphecetSmall bug fix (which should have no influence online)
2009-09-19 laphecetFix histo name
2009-09-16 laphecetFor the display, now uses the human chamberId conventio...
2009-09-10 laphecetSpeeding up the DA a bit
2009-09-04 ivanaIn AliMUONRawStreamTriggerHP:
2009-09-02 laphecetRemoving a line that was wrongly re-introduced by last...
2009-09-02 laphecet- Protection to avoid storing DCS datapoints taken...
2009-09-02 laphecetAMORE & QA fixes.
2009-09-02 hristovFixes for bug #52499: Field polarities inconsistiency
2009-09-01 ivanaMinor corrections + small improvement of macro to study...
2009-09-01 ivanaIn reconstruction:
2009-08-27 ivanaRemoving special characters accidentally put in the...
2009-08-26 laphecetSome fixes for one PCB mapping
2009-08-25 laphecetUpdate of parameters (Philippe Pillot)
2009-08-24 laphecet- Bug fix: in the creation/reading of the trigger DCS...
2009-08-24 laphecetUpdate to fix the fact that AliRawReader::Create does...
2009-08-21 laphecet- Adding protection: skip QA of Digits, RecPoints and...
2009-08-19 laphecetAliMUONTrackerIO::DecodeGains : move declaration of...
2009-08-18 hristovTechnical fix: use Stop instead of Abort in error messages
2009-08-18 hristovTechnical fix for bug #54482: Wrong array size in the...
2009-08-06 hristovOnly one Check method needs to be implemented by detect...
2009-07-31 ivanaUpdate for changes in Root TExMap, TExMapIter in trunk
2009-07-21 ivana- Moodify MakeMUONRecoParamArray.C in order to store...
2009-07-20 ivanaCorrectly handling the "Calibration" events (when scale...
2009-07-15 ivanaIn QA:
2009-07-13 hristovCompilation with icc
2009-07-10 laphecetPrevious commit had the bad side-effect of changing...
2009-07-10 ivanaIn AliMUONChamberCalibrationTask:
2009-07-09 hristovAvoid setting the default storage in the normal reconst...
2009-07-09 vulpescuMain changes:
2009-07-08 ivanaFixing compiler warnings
2009-07-07 laphecetMove all AMORE linked parts from AliMUONPedestal and...
2009-07-03 laphecetSimplifying the macro
2009-07-03 laphecet- make sure all tracks are treated in the same way...
2009-07-03 ivanaIn reconstruction:
2009-07-03 ivanaAdding new READMEcalign page in documentation
2009-07-03 ivana- Adding comments in newly added classes (in calign)
2009-07-03 ivanaAdding READMEcalign.txt
2009-07-03 ivanaIn mapping:
2009-07-03 laphecetSome leftover changes (Jean-Luc C.)
2009-07-03 ivanaRemoving obsolete class and macros from mapping
2009-07-03 ivanaSeparating mapping graphics classes in a new library...
2009-07-03 ivana- Adding new MUONcalign library:
2009-07-03 ivana- Adding new MUONcalign library.
2009-07-03 ivanaAdding new class AliMUONChamberCalibrationTask.
2009-07-03 cvetanMUON trigger inputs following trigger naming conventions
2009-07-02 laphecetOups. Reverting the previous commit. New classes should...