mag. field and geometry initialised from GRP
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / MUON /
2009-12-09 laphecetFinally got the ResetDetector correct.
2009-12-09 ivanaFurther fix to make the alignment task work on grid
2009-12-07 ivanaIn AliMUONTriggerQADataMakerRec:
2009-12-07 laphecetMissing new line at end of file. Some compilers do...
2009-12-06 laphecetImplementing the AliQADataMaker::ResetDetector in order...
2009-12-04 ivanaAdding AliMUONQAIndices in base
2009-12-04 ivanaUpdated list of classes
2009-12-04 ivanaAdding svn properties to libMUONmpgraphics.pkg
2009-12-04 ivanaUpdating READMEeve.txt
2009-12-03 ivanaCorrected SVN Id keayword
2009-12-03 ivanaIn trigger:
2009-12-03 ivanaAdding muon related macros in EVE in documentation
2009-12-03 ivanaIn READMEeve.txt:
2009-12-03 ivanaImprove trigger track determination: use geometry inste...
2009-12-02 fcaFixing bug #57328
2009-12-02 ivanaReverting commit from rev. 37415;
2009-12-01 laphecetFixing clustering(s) memory leaks
2009-12-01 laphecetFixing small memory leak
2009-12-01 laphecetFix floating exception bug which can appear in few...
2009-12-01 laphecetFixing local structure disabled word, which had an...
2009-11-30 ivanaIn mapping:
2009-11-28 ivanaIn AliMUONCDB:
2009-11-27 ivanaAdding 4 new QA histos:
2009-11-27 ivanaIncrementing class version in AliMUONLocalTrigger,...
2009-11-26 ivanaCoding convention (data member comments after the data...
2009-11-26 ivanaIn AliMUONESDInterface:
2009-11-25 ivanaFixing documentation
2009-11-25 ivana - Implementation of trigger response re-calculation...
2009-11-25 ivanaUpdating transform.dat for the geometry update:
2009-11-25 ivanaFixes to run the MUON alignment on the grid
2009-11-24 laphecetAllow reco of trigger alone or tracker w/o HV if we...
2009-11-24 laphecetnew method to return the tracker used in the interface
2009-11-23 laphecetModifications to get summary plots about the readout...
2009-11-23 laphecetMoving of the QA checker from rec to base, as it is...
2009-11-23 laphecetMissing include
2009-11-20 vulpescuUse z of hit instead of -zero- to make it work with...
2009-11-19 vulpescuRotate MUON trigger chambers around the x-axis with...
2009-11-18 laphecetDo not use TMath::AreEqual which does not exist yet...
2009-11-18 laphecetFixing the vector-based output (pdf,ps,eps)
2009-11-18 laphecetOups. Linux misses an include. And increasing the versi...
2009-11-18 laphecetAdding a line to be able to generate core dumps online
2009-11-17 laphecetUpdate of mchview related classes to allow easy printin...
2009-11-17 laphecetWarning fix
2009-11-17 laphecetFixing warning
2009-11-17 laphecetAdding libXMLParser
2009-11-17 laphecetUpdating example reco macro for real data
2009-11-17 hristovMajor update of the CMake compilation:
2009-11-17 laphecetFixing (again) the HV display for St1 and 2. Should...
2009-11-16 ivanaFixes in documentation
2009-11-16 ivanaFixes in documentation
2009-11-16 ivanaUpdated list of classes
2009-11-16 laphecetBe less verbose
2009-11-16 laphecetInit full store at once to avoid confusing its normal...
2009-11-16 laphecetEnable error logging (even though it is not currently...
2009-11-16 laphecetAdding a warning when requesting histogramming
2009-11-16 laphecetAdding a method to dump the readout errors at the end...
2009-11-16 laphecetFixing memory leak
2009-11-13 laphecetFix
2009-11-13 laphecetDA_PED: clean up of the code
2009-11-13 laphecetFixing compiler warnings
2009-11-10 laphecetFixing (?) the HV display
2009-11-09 ivanaTaking into account the time information of the hit...
2009-11-09 ivanaComments for Doxygen
2009-11-06 laphecetAdding counter for TOKEN_LOST errors in AliMUONRawStrea...
2009-11-06 ivanaIn MUONChamberMaterialBudget.C
2009-11-05 laphecetConsolidation of the classes used to get the calibratio...
2009-11-05 ivanaIn test:
2009-11-03 ivanaAdding MUONChamberMaterialBudget.C:
2009-11-03 ivanaAliMUONTriggerQADataMakerRec:
2009-11-03 ivanaIn reconstruction:
2009-11-03 ivanaIn trigger:
2009-11-02 hristovFixes in reconstruction:
2009-11-02 laphecetMake the exploded transformations on-demand only
2009-11-02 laphecetUse the right order of parameters for WriteRejectList...
2009-10-30 laphecetFixing doxygen warnings
2009-10-30 laphecetUpdating doc
2009-10-30 laphecetInit event before deleting it !
2009-10-30 laphecetOups. We probably do not want the memory leak checks...
2009-10-30 laphecetFixing a serious memory leak
2009-10-28 ivanaIn AliMUONTriggerQADataMakerRec:
2009-10-28 ivanaCorrected comments for Doxygen
2009-10-27 ivanaRemoving macros MUONResoEffChamber.C, loadFromOCDB...
2009-10-27 ivanaClass AliMUONCDB:
2009-10-27 ivanaAdding new macros in loadmacros.C
2009-10-27 ivanaCorrected comments for Doxygen
2009-10-27 ivanaIn MTR QA:
2009-10-26 hristovMapping corrections and updated geometry (Laurent,...
2009-10-25 ivanaFixes in reconstruction:
2009-10-23 laphecetFixing warning
2009-10-23 laphecetMust for the init of the mapping for Amore case
2009-10-23 laphecetFixing errors not spotted on Mac
2009-10-23 laphecetReorganization of the QA (Rec), by splitting a MTR...
2009-10-22 fcaQA mods to fix warnings
2009-10-21 ivanaIn reconstruction:
2009-10-21 ivanaIn AliMUONChamberCalibrationTask:
2009-10-21 ivanaRe-committing modifications from r35725
2009-10-21 fcaFixing the warnings (without screwing up all as I did...
2009-10-21 fcaFixing previous change, empty argument macros not suppo...
2009-10-21 ivanaReverting previous commit as it breaks compilation
2009-10-21 laphecetAdd new histos for the MUON_TRG QA-rawdata