Fix for multiple events per file: inhibit decrease of size of fParticleFileMap.
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / MUON /
2001-03-08 morschMake it work with new AliDimuonCombinator.
2001-03-06 morschCalculate and pass current background event number.
2001-03-06 morschAdd Digits2Reco() and FindClusters()
2001-03-05 morschWriting of digit tree moved to macro.
2001-03-05 morschCorrect access to digit and recpoint data.
2001-03-05 morschUse access methods to hit and digit data.
2001-03-05 morschMake macro work with new STEER.
2001-03-05 morschSome correction for MUON and SHIL
2001-03-05 morschMethod SortTracks(..) imported from AliMUON.
2001-03-05 morschDigitization related methods moved to AliMUONMerger.
2001-03-04 morschNew default version of the Config.C for MUON.
2001-03-04 morschObsolete version removed.
2001-03-04 morschUpdated version using the access methods to hit member...
2001-02-08 gossetAdd a "real" default constructor.
2001-02-08 gossetfMerger field and SetMerger method,
2001-02-05 hristovCompare() declared const (R.Brun)
2001-02-02 morschAliMUONMerger prototype to be called by the merge manager.
2001-01-30 morschTempory MUON version which has full signal generation...
2001-01-30 morschUpdate chamber positions (AdTDR version update 4/12...
2001-01-30 morschRemove obolete print-statement.
2001-01-30 hristovStreamers removed (R.Brun)
2001-01-27 morschCall non default constructors of segmentation classes.
2001-01-26 morschUnresolved conflicts resolved.
2001-01-26 morschUse access functions to AliMUONDigit member data.
2001-01-26 morschAll data members private. Provide access function to...
2001-01-26 morschUse access functions to AliMUONHit member data.
2001-01-26 morschUse access functions to AliMUONDigit member data.
2001-01-26 morschUse access functions to MUONHit, ... data members.
2001-01-26 morschUse access functions to AliMUONDigit, ... member...
2001-01-26 morschUse access functions to AliMUONDigit member data.
2001-01-26 morschAll pointers set to 0 in default constructor.
2001-01-26 morschUse access functions for AliMUONHit, AliMUONDigit and...
2001-01-26 morschAll data members private. Access functions provided.
2001-01-26 morschEmpty default constructors and.
2001-01-26 hristovMajor upgrade of AliRoot code
2001-01-25 morschProtect against empty TreeD and TreeR.
2001-01-25 morschPass size of fNdch and fNrawch to CINT.
2001-01-25 morschAdd a "real" default constructor.
2001-01-23 hristovInitialisation of some pointers
2001-01-18 eganglerBug correction in StepManager :
2001-01-17 hristovUnused variable removed
2001-01-17 hristovchPrev initialised
2001-01-17 hristovMacros named
2001-01-17 hristovDestructors corrected to avoid memory leaks
2001-01-08 gossetModifications used for addendum to Dimuon TDR (JP Cusso...
2000-12-21 morschError in argument list of AddRawCluster corrected.
2000-12-21 morschConstructor contains default set-up for segmentation.
2000-12-21 morschClean-up of coding rule violations.
2000-12-21 morschClean-up of coding rule violations.
2000-12-21 morschClean-up of coding rule violations,
2000-12-21 morschRN3 violations corrected
2000-12-20 eganglerAdded charge correlation between cathods.
2000-12-20 gossetSegmentation in Station 2 as in TDR addendum:
2000-12-07 hristovfCorr replaced by fCorrA
2000-12-06 morschDouble defined data members corrected.
2000-12-06 morschIntroduce SetOffsetY(Float_t off) method as simplified...
2000-12-04 gossetModifications for stations 1 et 2 mainly:
2000-12-02 morschCorrection of dead zones in inner regions of stations 3-5
2000-12-02 morschImproved inner circular region of station 3 and 5 ...
2000-11-29 gossetDigitize:
2000-11-24 morschNew version of geometry for stations 3-5 "Slats" (A...
2000-11-23 gossetBug correction in AliMUONRecoDisplay.
2000-11-21 gossetAll Mathieson parameters (Sqrt(K3), K2 and K4) set...
2000-11-21 gossetSegmentation in non bending plane for stations 4 and...
2000-11-20 pcrochetnew class : parametrization of the cluster-size for...
2000-11-20 pcrochetadd AliMUONResponseTriggerV1
2000-11-20 pcrochetsome modifications to account for the new class AliMUON...
2000-11-20 gossetNew package for reconstructed tracks (A. Gheata):
2000-11-12 pcrochetBuildGeometry of AliMUON for trigger chambers delegated...
2000-11-08 morschChamber half-planes of stations 3-5 at different z...
2000-11-06 morschBug in StepManager() corrected.
2000-11-06 morschAliMUON delegates part of BuildGeometry() to AliMUONSeg...
2000-11-06 morschAvoid overlap of slat volumes.
2000-10-27 gossetUpdated comments
2000-10-26 morschProblem with iteration over y-pads for 2nd cathode...
2000-10-26 gossetMacros for event reconstruction with ntuple output...
2000-10-26 gossetReal distance between chambers of each station taken...
2000-10-26 pcrochetput back trigger chambers in the display (there was...
2000-10-26 morschCorrect x-position of slats in station 5.
2000-10-25 morschSome corrections on the slat configuration.
2000-10-25 morschHandle correctly slats with less than 3 segmentation...
2000-10-25 morschSwitches for each station individually for debug and...
2000-10-25 morschCorrect x-position of chambers.
2000-10-25 morschIntPH(..): Protec Log against random numbers equal...
2000-10-24 morschBuildGeometry updated for slats in station 3-4.
2000-10-24 gossetComments updated
2000-10-24 gossetMethod AddHitsForRecFromRawClusters: real Z of raw...
2000-10-24 gossetArray xpos9 fully initialized
2000-10-23 morschCorrect z-position of all clusters created "on the...
2000-10-23 morschSet correct z-coordinate when cluster is split.
2000-10-23 morschCorrect z-position of slat planes.
2000-10-22 morsch- Store chamber number as slat id.
2000-10-22 morschUse only x-symmetry in global to local transformations...
2000-10-22 morschUpdate of slat geometry for stations 3,4,5 (A. deFalco)
2000-10-18 morschNew z-positions of chambers after Erice
2000-10-18 morsch- AliMUONRawCluster contains z-position.
2000-10-18 morschTest routine for simulation result (charge spread on...
2000-10-18 morschReplaced by MUONtestsim.C
2000-10-18 morschUse access functions for hit data members.
2000-10-18 morschMake NextPad() and MorePads() to iterate until the...